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by Pool Builders on 08-25-2010 in Articles

Many people in Sydney have swimming pools in their backyards as a matter of course, to provide entertainment and leisure during the long summer months. Most people in Sydney are also very aware of the impression that their garden will have on visitors, and so they are constantly looking to improve on their garden's style. This is why nowadays one of the trendiest additions that more and more people are installing in their gardens is glass fencing around their pool. Glass fencing adds both aesthetic beauty and additional safety benefits, making your garden and pool the envy of everyone else.

One of the best reasons for installing glass fencing is that it will improve the safety of your swimming pool, by providing an effective safety barrier that will stop young kids and animals from getting near to the pool when unsupervised. While we cannot stop all accidents, installing a glass fence can certainly prevent a great deal of them from happening. Of course it's possible to install another kind of fence, for example tubular fencing, but the added beauty and visibility of glass fencing is a determining factor that more and more people are choosing.

There are many styles of glass fencing available to choose from that can add to the aesthetic appeal of your pool. Choosing the best design and the perfect color for your pool is all a matter of taste, and there is a whole variety of glass fencing products available to buy. Glass fencing will not only enhance your swimming pool, but it will also increase the overall ambience of your garden, making you the envy of all your neighbors and friends. Glass fencing will also give your garden a much more modern look that you get with regular tubular fencing.

Installing glass fencing provides you with all the normal safety benefits that you can expect from having fencing around your pool, but it also adds a lot more. With glass fencing, you'll have the transparency that simply isn't available with other kinds of fence, meaning you can see right through it. This means that you'll always be able to keep one eye on the kids while they are splashing about in the pool or playing in the garden. It also means you'll have better security, as you will be able to spot intruders in your garden more easily. One final safety aspect of glass fencing is that you'll be able to enclose the electric pool heater, so that it is safe from the children getting at it.

Generally, most products used in the installation of glass fencing are of the highest quality there is, with polished edges and a high level of durability, meaning that if you choose carefully, you can get great value for money out of your glass fencing. Glass fencing is also very easy to clean, especially when compared to metallic fencing materials that can easily rust, or wooden fences that will begin to deteriorate in just a few short years.

Most providers of glass fencing panels issue three different standard sizes. The thickness of glass you choose will probably come down to how safe you require your new fence to be, though you can rest assured that each level of thickness is strong enough that it can support the weight of a fully grown human walking on it, even jumping up and down upon it! One of the best things about glass fencing is safety is assured at all times.

There are also two different basic styles of glass fencing that are available to choose from; semi-frameless and frameless glass fencing. If you want more versatility, the best choice is the semi-frameless design, which is extremely flexible and can be used in almost any situation. When installed, the fence post is dug deeply into the ground and secured with concrete so that it cannot move. Once set, the glass panels are slotted into the post through its grooves, before being sealed up with rubber glazing or glass silicone.

On the other hand, frameless glass fencing is made from much thicker glass and is secured into the ground using either stainless steel or alloy spigots. While this method is a little more expensive, it is a great idea for anyone wanting to increase the value of their home. Many people these days are looking not only for a house with a swimming pool, but they want a glass fence to go with it. Glass fencing adds a stylish dcor that will compliment even the finest of gardens.

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