Glass Pool Fencing and Other Options to Keep Your Pool Safe  

by Pool Builders on 05-29-2012 in Articles

When you have a home and a pool, part of the enjoyment is in the sight of that cool sparkling water making a backdrop to the garden or shrubbery and lawn. However, regulations state that the pool must be safely fenced and this really spoils the look of it, even if it does provide a safety barrier for young children. The way to retain the looks and still be safe is to install glass pool fencing.

Glass fencing is in actual fact tough and durable - and more affordable than you might first suppose. And it has one large advantage that other types of fencing cannot offer; you can see right through it into the pool. This unobstructed view allows you to keep a good eye on the children while they are swimming without having to be right in the enclosure with them.

Naturally, you will still want to be close, especially if your children are young. But being able to see through glass means that there is no possible chance that you won't know if something untoward should happen while the kids are in the pool. And of course, this unobstructed view also allows you to admire the water view and the garden all without feeling as if you are penned in.

Glass fencing is made from toughened glass panels that are fixed into place mainly by marine grade spigots that hold them up off the ground by about 50 cm. This prevents the bottom of the glass becoming dirty from rain-splash and stops any build-up of leaves or windblown rubbish along the bottom. Glass is the fence to choose when you don't want a fence.

Another popular option is aluminium pool fencing. It is popular for many reasons, not least being its affordability. For the householder who is looking for an economical way to adhere to regulations this option should certainly be considered. Aluminium is also strong and durable and many people choose it because there is the choice of both colour and style.

This kind of pool fencing is easy enough to install that a keen DIY handyman would be able to handle the job in one weekend and thus save even more. The fact that it is available in several different colours and in various styles makes it even more popular. This style of fencing is easy to maintain and suits any style of home. It can even be used with glass to create a pool fence that is distinct and distinguished.

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