Glass Pools - A Stylish Escape  

by Pool Builders on 08-15-2013 in Articles

You have died and gone to heaven. That's the feeling you get when you see pictures of pools with glass fences. It is a drive away from all the mess a busy life creates. Putting an end to all of it and escaping to the serenity the glass pool provides, the elegance and the perfect feel - that is the way to retire for the day.

A glass pool has glass built around the perimeter. It means, in place of otherwise stones or tiles, it will be glass fencing the pool. There are many advantages to it. When you use glass, it creates a false feeling of extra space. You see though the glass which incorporates the other spaces along with it, thereby creating a spacious feeling.

Types of Glass Fences

Depending on your likes and dislikes you may select the ideal one for your pool. It is better not to compromise on the quality though. Spend some extra bucks and select ones with good thickness. If not glass, you may go for traditional ones made of steel, aluminium or wood. The fencing is of two types - frameless and semi frameless. In a frameless design, clamps are used and in a semi frameless, glass panels are used.

The quality and the longevity of a glass pool lie in the hands of the people who set it up. Hire expert professionals who know the job really well. Rest is up to you. Train your children as how to maintain a pool well. Unlike other pools, one needs to be extra careful when it comes to a glass pool. Applying too much pressure, careless disposal of coarse and sharp objects may all pose threats to the safety of the pool.

Why select glass?

Be it of any material, the ultimate aim is to provide protection through fencing. Glass stands out because it protects as well as adds beauty. It is comparatively easy to clean glass. Also, it does not require constant cleaning like in the case of others. Only rainy days demand intense cleaning.
Glass, being transparent, allows light to come through. Seeing more makes it safer. It makes swimming or playing in the pool really exciting.

A few tips to avoid dangers

As mentioned above, train your children properly. Training is also essential in the case of pets who love pools. It is a fact that a small child drown quickly and often very silently. It is not solely for a glass pool, but for any water body. Strict supervision is a must when it comes to pools. Avoid any possible distractions. Set up alarms in the pool. Have some training in first aids and CPR techniques. Most importantly, educate the children.

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