Go Green With A Solar Pool Heat Pump

by Pool Builders on 11-25-2010 in Articles

Swimming is no fun when cold winter chill sets in, neither is the exorbitant cost of heating up your swimming pool during the winters. However, there's no point in staring longingly at the water during the winters. The best alternative to it is buying a solar pool heat pump. A heat pump helps to circulate the heat throughout the pool and maintains a comfortable temperature in the pool especially during the winters. Solar heaters are the most cost effective and green technology that you can install in your swimming pool. While this would cut on your electricity bills, it would also extend your swimming season. So, be wise and invest in a swimming pool heat pump, which will be pocket friendly as well as useful.

A survey among US citizens conducted by the Kelton Research found that about 3 percent of Americans were using solar energy as source of power in the year 2009. So, why don't you too ride on the wave of this change when you can easily buy a solar pool heat pump conveniently and trap solar energy? In the solar heater there are panels to capture and transform the energy from the Sun into mechanical energy to power the motor of the heaters. Apart from the zero fuel cost and high end durability, there are a few other reasons for choosing a solar pool heat pump over the conventional electricity or gas powered ones. Here goes a short discussion on those reasons.


One of the primary reasons for choosing the solar heaters is that they are environment-friendly. It means that there are no harmful emissions. So, you can see that while there would be no chances of greenhouse gases, the health of the swimmers will not be affected by toxic emissions from the heaters.


As these pool heat pumps do not use any form of fuel, there are less wear and tears in its parts. That is the reason why these heaters last really longer than their other equivalents. On an average the solar pool heaters lasts for about 20 years before they need any replacement or repair. When it comes to solar equipment, once installed you can ensure problem-free functionality for years to come.

Longer swimming seasons and economic

Even if you stay in a comparatively colder region of the world, these heat pumps are efficient in ensuring longer swimming seasons. As discussed earlier with these heaters you no more have to stare at the pool during the winters but can take a plunge.

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