Golden Rules for Healthy Hair  

by Pool Builders on 12-18-2014 in Articles

Hairs are one of the most important and momentous aspect in any human body as is also considered as one of the most significant element in rating the beauty and attraction in humans. So it requires high care and extremely intensive consideration when it comes to taking care of. Here are few golden rules which are to be followed if one is looking to have very healthy and attractive hair. This is because if the hair will not be healthy they will never be shinny and will never look adorable.
Hair reflects what you eat: The nature of hair is being reflected through your diet, one of the most golden rules for healthy hair is to have healthy diet. The foods which have high nutrition's are very much healthy for hairs. The food like beef, eggs, liver, fish, milk and cottage cheese which have a high quantity of sulfuric amino acids are very much healthy for the hair and is very essential requirement for strong and shinny hair.
Protect hair from over-heating: Hairs are generally very sensitive to high temperatures so do avoid them heating on high temperatures regularly for long time intervals. People do tends to straighten their hairs through electronic straighten but that is one biggest harm to the health of the hair. The appliances which are providing heat of less than 180 degrees is acceptable but any device which exceeds this temperature is very much dangerous to the health of the hairs.
Protect hair from sea and chlorine water: Sea water which is generally very salty is not favorable for the health of the hairs as the salty waters increases the ph value in the hair which is the main cause of dandruff and hair fall. Chlorine also have a high ph value so avoid the exposure of hair in chlorine water from long time intervals and that is one main reason for which the regular swimming done in swimming pools becomes one major reason for unhealthy hairs because the water in swimming pools do contain high proportion of chlorine in it.
Protect hair from long time sun exposures: The ultra violet rays which are the component of the sunlight are not very much healthy for the growth of the hair. The UV rays which are travelling with sun light makes the hair looks more dull and untidy. This is also one major reason for other hair complaints and problems. So do avoid excess exposure of direct sunlight to the hairs.

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