Got a Leak? Call a Pool Repair Specialist  

by Pool Builders on 07-04-2010 in Articles

Even with the most meticulous of pool preservation techniques, problems may still occur from time to time. One problem that pool owners may encounter is a drop in the pool's water level due to water loss. There are several steps that pool owners can take to ascertain if their pool is in fact losing water. These steps will help pool owners determine how much water is being lost and how quickly. Pool water loss is usually the result of a leak; therefore, the next step will be to determine the source of the leak. While identifying the source of the leak can be challenging, repairing the leak can be even more complicated. Pool owners may benefit from the services of a professional when a leak in their pool needs repair.

Steps for Determining Water Loss -

There are a couple of different methods pool owners can employ when they suspect their pool has a leak. Checking the pool's equipment, such as the filter, pump, skimmer, heater, and liner, is the first step. Pool owners should keep an eye out for moist or eroding areas around the pool. An effective method of determining a leak is marking the water level at the skimmer. Mark the water level with tape, and check the water level in 24 hours. If the pool has lost more than ¼ inch of water in 24 hours, the pool likely has a leak.

A bucket filled with water can also be used to determine if a leak exists. This is accomplished by placing the bucket on the first step of the pool. The water level inside the bucket should be the same as the water level outside the bucket. In the event the water level inside and outside of the bucket is similar after 24 to 36 hours, then it's quite likely that the loss of pool's water is a result of evaporation. However, if the water level inside the bucket is greater than the water level outside the bucket, this will be indicative of a leak.

Finding and Repairing a Swimming Pool Leak -

Determining whether the leak is due to the pool's plumbing or the pool's shell should be left to a professional. Many different possibilities must be ruled out before the source of the leak can be found. A professional pool specialist will know exactly what to look for and will also have all of the necessary tools and resources to correctly identify and repair the leak. Hiring a professional to repair the leak in one's pool can save them both time and money. When pool owners suspect they have a leak in their pool, it will be most beneficial for them if they contact a pool renovations expert.

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