Green Pool Water - How to Shock Your Swimming Pool's Green Pool Algae!

by Pool Builders on 12-25-2007 in Articles

G'day Everyone...

I'm glad that your reading this article because it answers a question that I get asked all the time.

That question is...How Do I Shock My Swimming Pool?

If you know your pool needs a shock dose of chlorine, there are some simple steps that you can take in order to accomplish that task. The first task is to buy the shock, either liquid of powdered from your local swimming supply store. If you have a non chlorinated pool use non chlorinated shock and the same thing if you have a chlorinated pool. If you are not sure which kind to buy ask the salesman what you need for your style pool and style filter.

Then read the directions and put in the right amount of shock. The manufacturer should have a chart to advise you how much chlorine you will need. You will have to have a fair idea of how big your swimming pool is. If you feel like you have put in too much, that's OK because you cannot over shock a pool with chlorine. The amount of chlorine that you will need, will vary on the size of your pool plus how green it is. If you purchased the liquid shock, simply pour it into the pool itself from the deep end.

If you purchased powdered chlorine, do the same as far as putting in the desired amount in the deep end of the pool. Make sure that you mix the powdered chlorine into a bucket of water and try to dissolve the granules as much as you can, before you throw it into the pool. Make sure that you are running your pump and filter around the clock and that you are backwashing about 3 times a day until the pool becomes clear.

If your pool is really green (you can't see the bottom) you will need more drastic action to get it to clear up.

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