Guidance On Heating An Above Ground Pool   

by Pool Builders on 10-11-2011 in Articles

With much cooler weather conditions right around the corner it really may possibly the perfect time to start thinking of heating ones above ground pool by means of above ground pool heaters. Remember all of the fun you had this summer. Why not let your family enjoy the swimming pool as long as possible?

Warming your swimming pool with any model of above ground pool heaters doesn't have to be that expensive. Solar covers and an Above ground pool solar heater are generally sensibly priced and call for no additional expense when they are purchased and set up.

A solar cover should be ones first purchase. A good quality cover will likely prolong your swimming season by two months. The cost should really be anywhere from around one or two hundred dollars.

If your pool is a team effort, and assistance is generally available, taking the actual cover off is simple. If you're an one person operation when it comes to swimming pool care you will want a solar cover reel. There are lots of types to choose from.

Solar cover reels designed for above ground pools mount in the middle of the actual swimming pool. The reel picks up the cover at the center point and brings both sides in alongside one another. This style of system is extremely functional and perhaps the best way to go. It will, however, leave the cover retracted across the center of the pool.

In ground kind reels will be set up at one end of your pool area. When the cover is rolled up it is out of the way. The only problem is basically that you have got to make your own mounting platform. This isn't so complicated and will keep your cover entirely out of the way if not in use.

The next addition to the pool could be a solar panel or perhaps 2. These once again happen to be inexpensive and incredibly easy to connect. They'll plumb directly into ones existing filter system. Solar panels could be mounted next to the pool, on a fence or on a roof top.

In the event the panels have to be situated a long distance from the pool an extra pump may be required. This could increase the cost as well as the labor of your panel heating system although it is an one time cost, not an every month bill.

The addition of a solar cover and solar panels will have everyone swimming most of the year. If even more heat is desired your next step would be to install either an electric or gas heating unit.

These heating units are really simple to install. They will plumb directly into your return line. The water comes out of the filter, goes directly into the actual heater and hot water goes back into your swimming pool via your existing return.

A great number of above ground pools utilize flex hose from the filtration system to your pool. In cases where a heater is going to be installed you will have to convert the return line to solid 1 1/2" PVC pipe. This is a good purchase for almost any swimming pool filtration system system as you will not ever again be changing dripping flex hose.

There are a number points to consider when choosing between electric and gas. Gas above ground pool heaters will definitely warm up the swimming pool more rapidly as opposed to an electric one and it is a good solution regarding occasional use. An electric powered heating unit is without a doubt cheaper to use and it is a much better choice for every day use.

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