Guide to the Beaches of Tenerife   

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Your family has been to many a beach resort and seen everything there is to offer at almost every resort in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. But you haven't even looked at Tenerife on the Canary Islands []. Because Tenerife's climate, nearby volcano, and location are so unique, several different beaches have formed there naturally, ranging from fine black shingle to golden sands. Tenerife's resorts and tourist officials have even made some of the finest man-made beaches in Europe or the world. Tenerife's beaches have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award for healthy, clean beaches free from rubbish and pollution. Here is a quick overview of some of the different beaches Tenerife has to offer you on your next beach holiday.

Bajamar Pools is an artificial set of swimming pools and diving holes that is free to the public. A small strip of sandy beach separates the ocean from Bajamar Pools and can change in substance from black volcanic sand to fine pebbles, depending upon the weather and the tides. Nearby Hotel Neptuno also offers drinks and other services for a nominal fee at Bajamar Pools.

Flanked by the neighbourhoods of Adeje and Arona, Las Americas beaches is prized for its dry, sunny sand and cool, clean waters. Fronted by numerous beach side restaurants, bars and hotels, the beaches were awarded the blue flag in 1998 by the European Environmental Education Foundation. A wide range of activities is available for your family at Las Americas Beaches. You can rent beach chairs to lay out and soak up the tropical warmth or paddle out on a rented boat or paddleboat for an afternoon on the water. There is also the opportunity for swimming or for the more adventurous, for parasailing. Other family-friendly activities include we biking or merely strolling along the terraces and promenades that parallel the beach.

Santa Cruz was a relatively small beach until it was extended in 1973 by bringing in sand all the way from the Sahara desert. In addition to expanding the beach, palm trees were planted to grant additional shade for beach goers. This semi-man made beach is one and a half kilometres long and boasts some of the most beautiful flora in the Canary Islands, including Canary Island palms, coconut palms and Canary Island bean caper. One of the most popular beaches near Tenerife, Santa Cruz offers private changing kiosks, restaurants, and a large parking lot to accommodate the large amounts of tourists which flock to Santa Cruz each day.

Other beaches near Tenerife include El Medano, Las Galletas, and Los Cristianos Beaches To name but a few. The beaches are the perfect compliment to Tenerife's incredible confluence of location, climate, and terrain and are sure to make your beach holiday a memorable one.

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