Guidelines to Maintain Your Backyard Pool Secure  

by Pool Builders on 06-08-2011 in Articles

Due to increasing accidents caused by swimming pool mishandling, state law has made strict rules for swimming pool fencing. These laws should be practiced and considered seriously by all people. Also if you have installed a proper aluminum swimming pool fence according to all laws of state you should still consider all possible safety measures to avoid accidents for your family. So that you can enjoy your luxurious swimming pool in better manner without any accident.

To avoid any accidents among children whether yours or their friend soya should never leave them unsupervised. Drowning accidents only takes minutes to happen. Therefore, children should always be with adult supervision. The aluminum gates installed in fence should have locks out of reach of children and should be installed as directed by law that is towards the swimming pool and at least 3 feet higher then ground.

First aid kit must forever be present in your house. While swimming children should be provided with life jackets or swimming aid devices. The emergency numbers should be reachable near pool areas. For swimming pools you should install proper lightning system outside the pool as well as inside the pool, as water is more dangerous at night times and more accidents can happen in dark.

Most important point is never ever leaving you children in swimming pool without any adult supervision. Children can get tired while swimming or can get hurt whatsoever condition is one adult person should always be available at swimming pool who can sensibly deal children. Also restrict children to rake any electronic device or heavy toy nearby pool which can prove to be harmful inside or nearby water.

When dealing with children and arranging food and drinks for them always use aluminum or plastic as food containers. Glass containers are dangerous and can cause accidents if broken unwisely. To avoid anyone intruding into pool area at night time you should use the pool cover so that people can avoid the urge of getting into water. Then there are pool alarms which can be activated at night time,. Therefore if any intruder enters the pool without informing the alarms will come to life immediately. Then your pool fence door should also be locked properly with keys at night time.

Therefore, stop thinking that only pool fence can obscure your child from any pool accident. Accident is matter of split second so you should take all possible measures to avoid any accident which can cause irreversible damage to you and life of your child.

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