Gunite Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 12-10-2011 in Articles

There is no other pool on the market that can match the lingevity and durability of a gunite pool. By that I mean they are the strongest pools and have the longest life span. Not only will a gunite pool make you happy for years, it can last so long that your grandchildren will be able to enjoy it someday. If you take care of them properly, Gunite pools can work for more than 20 years!

On the other hand, fiberglass pools are not a lifetime investment. You will spend more time fixing things that actually enjoying the pool. As you may have guessed, this type of pool is 100% fiberglass. There is significantly less work involved when installing a fiberglass pool. The company installing it doesn't even make the shell of the pool, they just install it. Because there is no gunite or concrete involved, the structure will be much weaker. Fiberglass pools are not meant to last as long as gunite pools.

Gunite swimming pools can last up to 30 years. The reason why is because of how they are constructed. The pool is framed out with steel so that the gunite mix has a structure to sit upon. This is the same strategy used for concrete structures such as homes or buildings. The gunite mix molds and dries over the steel creating a very solid and durable structure. Fiberglass pools are a one piece shell that is constructed before they are installed. With no foudation, fiberglass pools have nothing to rest on. This can cause major problems in the future when the weather changes. Water can get into cracks between the pool and the ground and freeze. The water will expand and most likely create cracks in the shell.

One of the top reasons customers are completely satisfied with their gunite pools is because of how customizable they are. The actual pool is not the only asset you are receiving. You get to customize every aspect of the pool. Starting with the size, depth, shape and color finish. These are the "free" decisions you can make to customize your pool. These things come standard with Guite Swimming Pools so you wouldn't be paying any extra money to make these aspects unique. Although there are many other things you can choose from that add a lot of life and beauty to your new pool that will cost you money. But let me add that they are well worth it. Things like coping, a gunite spa, swim jets, fountains, and custom tile are just some of the extra features you can choose from when buying a gunite pool. Fiberglass pools are very limited in what you can customize. You can rarely rupture the shell of the pool to add swim jets or fountains. Extra features with fiberglass pool will usually cost you much more money because of the inconvenience it will cause the pool builders.

I'm not going to lie to everyone and say that gunite pools are the cheapest kind of pool, because they are not. It takes quite a bit of money to maintain and service gunite pools. But having said that, the amount of money you will spend maintaining and servicing your fiberglass pool will greatly exceed the total money spent on a gunite pool. Gunite Swimming Pools are a lifetime investment. They are made to last that long because the people that buy them pay big bucks and expect them to. There are always problems with any pool, some more tha others, but gunite pools have a reputation for being very consistent. If your pool is running very nicely, it usually stays that way. There are very few "random" problems with a properly constructed Gunite pool. With fiberglass pools, you never know what you are going to get. For all you know the company that actually created the shell (not the pool builder company that u called to install it) messed up and now there is a crack in your brand new pool. We see this happen all the time when we talk to new customers with existing pools.

You have to know where you product came from and trust the people who make it. Don't settle for a "good" pool just because it is a little bit cheaper than the rest. There is and old saying, "You get what you pay for". This is very true when it comes to buying pools. make sure that what you are paying for is what you really want.

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