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Where it is better to do exercises - in the gym or at home? It is hard to say. In this and in another embodiment, there are pluses and minuses, but from my own experience I can tell you next:

Gym - the benefits

A good gym is better equipped. There are simulators that are not available in your home. You can offer any help and take the children, which is very convenient. If you the exercises at home exercise the children will interrupt you, then in that case, it is better to visit the gym.

Do not think that there you need to go in the trendy and sexy clothes. I often wore old tattered shorts and T-shirt. Of course, in some gyms like to show off each other clothes, but I fell into such rare. It is best to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Many go to the gym because there are carried out variety of special classes. Almost all gyms have programs for beginners, as well as for those involved in more than one year. In the program sports clubs are now often included step aerobics, kickboxing, and includes elements of dance, strength training with weights (very useful), as well as yoga and Pilates. My advice: Take only those exercises that will strengthen your muscles and heart.

If you opted for aerobics, keep in mind that it will take some time to learn how to move the team to carry out such studies. The first few lessons are slow and clumsy.

Do not be ashamed if you have to take several weeks for it to understand how and where to put the leg. Just move. My coach usually repeats: "The main thing that you came from and what you step in the wrong direction, utter nonsense." I have long engaged in aerobic dance, but never learned to perform all the movements correctly. However, it does not matter. The main thing is not standing still.

Here's another big plus regarding to training in the gym: there are working experienced trainers who will explain how to deal with complex simulators. Even if you are lost in the form of unknown devices, you will always come to the rescue. In a few lessons, and you will be easily managed with all the equipment. If you're concerned that you can not do because of physical disability, then working in the gym specialists can help make useful and safe range for you to exercise.

If you come back soon the same exercises in the hall there is plenty to choose an occupation and not have to spend money to buy new trainers. Suppose the first eighteen months of aerobic exercise you do, then within a few weeks of running and strength exercises, then work hard on a stationary bike and doing stretching exercises. If you study at home, then you have to spend money on special simulators and buy the new videotapes each week.

Another plus of gym, compared with a house is that there you can visit the swimming pool. If you have arthritis or some other disease of the joints or you are very obese and afraid for my knees and back, then the pool can be a real salvation for you.

Besides swimming and water therapy, bring a lot of fun. When, I was doing water aerobics, was very surprised to hear that there are also used weights. They are made, however, from foam. In case of aqua aerobics for the load is used resistance of the water. The weights are lowered into the water and the water pushes them back. Running in water is also quite an interesting exercise. Wearing a foam belt, you run into the water. Wow!

It is the fact that swimming improves heart and lungs. You get tough. However, it burns less fat. Like organism knows what exercise you have to do, and preparing for them. In case of sailing excess fat is useful. It keeps you afloat, and protect against hypothermia. Therefore, engaging in swimming, you do not lose weight as much as when performing other exercises.

Just look at the athletes. The figure they trim? Of course! They are slim? Well, I do not. Thus, due to swimming and water exercises, you will find a form and then be able to do something more productive. (For example, water aerobics - it is more beneficial than swimming.) If a local fitness center there is no pool, Inquire at nearby hotels. For a fee, there are often allowed to swim in the pool.

As you can see, the reasons why you should prefer a gym are obvious over doing exercises at home!

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