Hair Extensions Must Be Taken Care Of  

by Pool Builders on 10-30-2011 in Articles

Hair extensions are supposed to maintain the look and feel of natural hairs, and in some senses they need the same types and levels of care. At the same time, it's important to understand exactly how you must work on them to keep them looking and feeling how you want.

Hair extensions can be made up of various different types of materials, ranging from real human hairs to synthetic material that can include a number of different things. It's important to first know what makes up the ones attached to your head so you know how best to care for them.

The most basic step in caring for hair extensions is to wash it just as you would typically wash your head on a regular basis. This also means washing it as often and as thoroughly as you typically would, because removing dirt, sweat and other objects can help prevent it from tangling and keep you from losing the look you are going for.

It's also important to brush each extension regularly, usually multiple times a day depending on your schedule. Using a soft brush and brushing slowly and lightly while working a small area at a time is important to help each extension stay straight and maintain a full appearance.

Using heat is never advisable, as items such as a blowdryer or a curling iron can damage an extension and shorten its potential lifespan. These heat sources should be avoided whenever necessary and should never be used on a regular basis. The best way to dry your head is to let it do so naturally.

When it comes to keeping your head dry, it is most important to make sure of this before you go to bed. Sleeping on wet hairs can promote tangling and other complications. The most ideal way to prevent this is to wear a wrap every time you go to bed.

When swimming in a pool, always wear a swimming cap to prevent your hair extensions from being exposed to too much of the chlorine in the swimming pool. Chlorine is a chemical that can negatively affect an extension, causing damage, discoloration or both.

Finally, make sure you use the correct types of products when caring for your hair extensions, and this starts with not using too many different products as well as not overusing any. Make sure to avoid products that contain alcohol, which can dry out your scalp, and find a conditioner that can be left in and can be used only periodically, as this will help maintain the texture you are looking for. Most importantly though, don't use any types of chemicals or treatments on your own, as these can potentially do damage. If you'd like to add color or change your look, it is always best to leave that up to a professional.

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