Hangout with college friends at Karnala.  

by Pool Builders on 10-19-2011 in Articles

Enjoying with your college friends is always special. You can do all sort of stupid things in front of them without worrying what you doing. Even I have friends similar to them. It was 7 days back when one of the girls suggested about going to picnic. We all were excited as we hardly went for an outing together. There were 10 of us together, but only few were ready for an overnight picnic. So we thought of enjoying for one day at some water resort. There are many water resorts in and around Mumbai, but not every resort gives you the same experience. We zeroed on Panoramic resort at Karnala, for obvious reason.
The reason being one of my friend's elder brother works with Panoramic Universal Ltd and he could manage to get some discount for us as the resort is managed by Panoramic Universal Ltd.
All ten of us, six girls and four boys, started our trip together from Dadar. We reached Panvel at around 8.30 am and from there Karnala by 9.15 am. We went to the counter and got our entry passes at discounted rates. The moment we entered the resort we were eager to explore each and every water slides. The first thing after changing in to swimming dress was to cool ourselves in the swimming pool. The pool was very clear with many plastic tubes. We enjoyed pushing each other off from the tubes in to the pool. The main thing which we liked was as the coolness of the water. We were pushing, pulling and kicking each others in the water. We even tried some of the wrestling moves which would have surely caused harm if tried somewhere else. We were enjoying some of the best times with each other.
After playing around in water for an hour or so we proceeded to try some of the water slides. One of the girls was screaming her lungs out in an attempt to get away from the slides. She was so scared that she was screaming so loud that even the resort manager came out to see what was happening. She was calm only after 20 minutes when she came down the slides. Her screams is still echoing in my ears. This incident cut shorted our exploration of water slides. Now it was lunch time we had some of the best lunch compared to other resorts. We preferred non-vegetarian food as all us were food lovers. It was deliciously prepared by panoramic group. After dinner we decided to sit under the shade of the big tree to play some games. We played dumb charades initially and then started all sort of funny games. It was almost time when we had to move out from the resort. Before that we decided to have quick swim in the swimming pool. We again started playing wrestling inside the pool. We pulled others specially girls down from the tube and enjoyed them seeing them struggling for breath.
After all the fun we moved out form the resort. By the time we reached home our body started aching. We didn't realize all this amidst the fun we were having. It was the best picnic which we had, thanks to Richa who organized the discounted rates from Panoramic Universal Ltd.

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