Have Fun With Your Baby in the Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2010 in Articles

Parents love to see their babies have a great time swimming in the kiddies' pool. So what parents do is teach or let their babies learn swimming for babies. But never rush though, babies must be of a certain age to get to swim in a kiddies' pool. The average age of the baby for him or her to be ready to swim is around 6 months of age. So don't hurry yet because time flies fast; there will be a time when you can see your baby enjoy his first swim. For babies who are ready to take his or her first swim, here are some tips you want to know before you and your baby can enjoy swimming.

The first thing you should know is choosing when you want to swim with your baby. It is better if you plan it with your spouse. When the date is set, plan what time you are going swimming. It is better if you can swim in the afternoon or in the early evening. It is better at this time because when the baby would get tired and immediately go to sleep earlier which means you and your spouse can have the evening all to yourself without having problems with the baby.

Bring a sun block or oil that is specially made for the baby's skin. Chlorine in water can make the skin of your baby dry. If you don't want this happening, better apply some sun block or baby oil before you let your baby and yourself go for a swim.

Before diving in the pool, adults usually tend to take a shower first; it is advised that babies should never have a shower before swimming in the pool. Babies get cold easily and can cause him to shiver. So, when you take a shower leave your baby out of it. Have someone hold him first then take a shower.

These are some of the things you might want to know when you give your baby swimming lessons. And while you are at it, bring a camera so that when you have time, you can take pictures of your baby and yourself inside the pool. These pictures will be memorable for you since this is the first time you teach your baby swim in the pool.

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