Have Your Pool Running Properly After A Look From An Expert  

by Pool Builders on 08-07-2013 in Articles

Swimming-pools, whether indoor or outdoor, temperature controlled, state-of-the-art or conventional, whether they're private or public - the biggest issue is proper maintenance. Unless kept in top condition, swimming-pools can look ugly, become a trap for fungus, allergens and all kinds of disease-causing micro-organisms and become dangerous and hazardous places to be in and around.

Whatever its size or dimensions, a pool is an expensive investment, and keeping it fresh and in pristine condition can give you years of pleasure while ensuring safety and health. Maintaining it can be quite a herculean task and few of us have the time or the expertise to do a proper job. Pool maintenance if not done regularly can turn into a chore that gets to become inconvenient and annoying.

Hence the perfect solution is to get professional help. Pool maintenance companies have a competent panel of trained experts who can take a look at your pool, usage, maintenance needs and solutions and offer good advice. It's a good idea to opt for a complete pool-maintenance package since you save time and money in the long run. This ensures that you get regular seasonal maintenance and the technicians are on call whenever you need them. Such a package keeps your pool fresh and clean all the year round. An expert also has the necessary tools and knowledge to diagnose and tackle all kinds of maintenance issues.

Another important feature that an expert can guide you with is regular testing of the pool water. This involves topping up the water-purifying agents on a scheduled basis. Ensure that your pool expert uses green products to keep the pool fresh and hygienic; otherwise you could end up with allergies or toxic reactions by use of harsh chemicals. Maintaining the pH balance is very important. Calcium and mineral deposit hardness of the water, acidity and alkalinity, chlorine balance, should be tested to maintain the pool water balance.

You also need to call in the pool expert when you find swimmers getting burning or red eyes, skin infections or other illnesses, if the water looks slimy with algae growth, fungus etc. Another important thing to do is to ensure that your pool gets a thorough cleaning after a period of extremes in temperature, storm or heavy shower. Pool health depends on maintaining not only the water but also the peripherals like pumps, motors, pool-area and surroundings, filters, checking the rate of evaporation, frequency of use and insect or pest attacks.

Regular cleaning and maintenance by a trained expert are the secrets behind a fresh, sparkling pool.

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