Have a Splash at Your Summer Pool Party!

by Pool Builders on 02-22-2006 in Articles

It's summertime and you want to have a party with your friends. Even better, you have a pool! Following are some great tips for organizing a pool party.

The first thing to do is invite all of your friends and relatives. Use postcards or invitations purchased from a party supply store. They will have pool party themed everything for you to choose from.

A party planner from the party supply store will also assist you if you have questions or need guidance. They offer every paper product necessary, such as plates, cups, napkins and silverware. Buying paper products makes for a quick and easy clean up so you can enjoy the party yourself!

The party supply store will also have decorations to add ambience to your pool themed party. They will carry personalized banners if your pool party is for a birthday, a retirement or summer holiday. Balloons and streamers of every color can be found to match your theme too. If the party will last into the night, add outdoor lights around a deck or fence. Make them twinkle and it will seem like a million stars are out.

Games to play at a pool party include Marco Polo and water volleyball. If the pool has a deck or diving board, have a cannonball contest with judges. Whoever can throw out the most water wins! Games to play outside of the water can be horseshoes, volleyball, bocce ball, lawn darts and croquet. Prizes can be awarded if wanted, but most people just enjoy doing it.

If your pool party is for a birthday, make it a square shape with blue frosting to look like a pool. Stick a diving board over it with a plastic person, or for laughs, add a shark. Make it a fun day!

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