Having Fun Above The Ground: Above Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-17-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools have been a personal favorite even in the beginning of time. It is a device that people use in bathing or just for recreation purposes. There are different kinds. The newest addition to the set is the above ground style.

Above ground pool is the cheapest kind of pool there is. It is easy to assemble and it won't cost that greatly.

Here is the advantages of above ground:
- It is not permanent. This means that the owner can easily dismantle the pool and he or she may move it on another location. There are some owners who are not satisfied of the location of the pool. By this convenience, the pool can be stirred from one place to another.
- Most above ground pools are made from a material called as prefabricated kits. It contains a manual on how to build the pool that even an nonprofessional can do. The procedure is very easy to predate. Just simply read the instructions carefully and follow the step by step process. But in case the pool owner has experienced a malfunction or if there is a part that seems puzzling to do, the pool owner may call a professional to install the pool properly.

But if the he/she is determined to build the pool this is the step by step process:
1. Level the ground to form a flat building surface. By doing this, the pool would easily fit the space allotted.
2. Set up the perimeter track, this would serve as a springboard for the outer wall.
3. Disperse sand in the pool area and after wards, lay the plumbing of the pool.
4. Secure the vinyl liners over the pool walls.
5. Fill it up with water, smooth the liner and fasten it in place.

See how easy it is done? Anyone in the family can do it. As always, in every good thing, there is also a bad side to it.
The disadvantages of having an above ground style:
- It less durable compared to other kinds. Due to the fact that above ground pools are inexpensive, their quality is not considered superb.
- It's not attractive compared to the permanent pools installed to the ground. This type of pool is simple and not extravagant enough like the fiberglass pools.

An above ground pool is just one of the variants to choose from the many kinds. There are pros and cons to this contraption. But the matter of the fact is, pool owners who are on a tight budget can easily have their own pool. It is effortless to install and it can be taken down that easily.

The side effect would be that it not sturdy to last a lifetime. Since it is bargain-priced, the quality of it is not dependable. If the owner wishes to have a better pool, he or she should invest greatly in constructing other types of pools.

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