Hayward Cartridge Filters: Cleaning Up Pool Water Is Easy  

by Pool Builders on 12-08-2011 in Articles

Swimming pool gets murkier, if it is not cleaned up properly with the help of proper pool filter. When we own any swimming pool, our first responsibility becomes the maintenance and cleanliness of the water. If pools are not properly cleaned up and maintained on regular basis, then it is found to affect the health of the swimmers. Many contagious diseases might take place, while we do not think about the maintenance of the water body. Swimming pool gets untidy due to the presence of impurities coming from the outside area. It means that if pool is surrounded by plants and many other things; then dry leaves, dirt, dust etc. can make the pool water unclean. Due to the untidy pool, swimmers do not only fall ill, but this kind of murky water can cause people drown. So, removing the impurities from the pool water becomes very much mandatory. In this discussion, we will see how different brand names in the market of pool accessories help to maintain the swimming pool and in that regards, we will see the name of Hayward Pool filters and Pentair Pool Filters.

In case of Hayward Pool filters, we can see three types of filters for the pool maintenance:

Hayward cartridge filters: in this type of filter, the filtration process is done with the help of paper-cartridge. This type of cartridge is found inside the cylindrical tank. Slowly, water gets soaked inside the tank through the cartridge and this way, impurities stay outside the cartridge.

These Hayward cartridge filters can remove the impurities up to 20 microns. Also, in this case, paper-cartridge works as the sieve.

Sand filters: when it is the matter of sand filter, then graded sand works as the sieve here. In that case, 2/3 portion of the tank is found to be filled with the sand. In this filter, dirt particles get soaked in the sand. Through one inlet, dirty water gets inside the tank and after getting soaked by the sand; water gets out of the tank with the help of the outlet.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters: in this filtration method, Diatomaceous Earth works as the filters. In that regards, crushed sea fossil or diatom or white powder, which is known as the Diatomaceous Earth (DE), serves the purpose of filtration.

Apart from the Hayward pool filters, we can also see the contribution of Pentair Pool Filters in the market. Due to its consistency in performance, this kind of pool equipment is found to be present in the market from the past many years.

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