Hayward De Filters: Available For The Purpose Of Pool Filtration  

by Pool Builders on 11-22-2011 in Articles

When it is the matter of pool accessories, we can see the array of products available in the market. This kind of product is meant for proper filtration of the pool water. While we are using swimming pool on regular basis, then it tends to get murky and untidy due to the several reasons. Any kind of dry leave, dirt and dust particle, insect etc. goes inside the pool, which might make the water unusable for the swimmer. Also, the body waste of the swimmers can get assimilated in the pool water and it can cause untidiness. Thus, maintaining the pool with the help of proper pool filter becomes the main objective of the pool owner. In that case, we can see different brand names available in the market. In this article, we will mention the name of Hayward de filters. Yes, this brand name is present in the market from the last many years.

The name of Hayward de filters is famous in the market for its quality service and durability. Rather to say, pool accessories like, pool pump, pool filter and other products etc. can be availed from the market at affordable rate, while we go on searching products from this brand name. There are three categories of filters available from the market and they are as below:

Hayward cartridge filters: these filters are found to come with the sieve made from paper cartridge. This kind of cartridge is located just inside the cylindrical tank. Impurities of the water get absorbed by the paper cartridge, and the pure water gets inside the tank after getting purified by the sieve. In that case, all the impurities stay outside the cartridge.

In case of Hayward cartridge filters, it can remove the impure particles up to 20 microns.

Hayward sand filters: In case of Hayward sand filters, graded sand is used as the sieve. In this case, 2/3 portion of the water tank is filled with the sand. Impurities in the water get removed by the sand, when water goes over the sand bed. Through one inlet, water goes inside the tank, and through one outlet, water goes inside the pool.

Hayward DE filters: In this kind of filter, crushed sea fossils or diatoms or white powder act as the filter. We can see the presence of one canister, where different kinds of tubes or filters or networks are connected for the purpose of filtration.

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