Hayward H250 – Your Reliable All-Around Pool Heater  

by Pool Builders on 12-12-2010 in Articles

When people ask for pool heaters, first brand that comes into mind is Hayward. It is the leading in the pool industry for providing quality parts, cleaners, heaters, filters and more. They have proven that after being around for 80 years, their products remain durable and their services unparalleled.

Now in a world where crisis is prevalent, people still want to enjoy a little luxury in the form of a swimming pool. But they are in search for more budget friendly pool heaters of good quality for their pool. Hayward offers that and more.

One of the most in demand product is the Hayward H250. The Hayward H250 series pool heater boasts the latest in heating technology for swimming pools and spas. It is an excellent combination of quality construction and state of the art technology. Digital touch pad display for electronic direct spark and induced draft hot surface heaters, corrosion resistant polymer constructed water path, includes a rapid-heat combustion chamber for fast warming and increased efficiency.

When it comes to the installation, it is very easy to easy to install. A choice of left-side or right-side electric, gas and water connections gives Universal H-Series heaters unprecedented installation flexibility. Because, Hayward is always looking for ways to make pool and spa ownership as simple and effortless as possible.

No matter what size your pool is, the Hayward h 250 make a heater suitable for it. Even if you only have a splash pool or a hot tub, they have the perfect product for you. With their easy sizing guide you will have no problem working out exactly what size you need to make sure your pool gets the best quality heating.

Although designed for budget-conscious applications, Hayward H250 heaters deliver uncompromising performance and economy.

The price of a Hayward H250 heater is only a fraction of the amount you paid for your swimming pool. However, it can add to your enjoyment of one of your most expensive investments. See the links below to learn more.
To see is to believe so you might want to get yours now.

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