Hayward Pool Accessories

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Pool owners across the world trust Hayward pool accessories to keep their swimming pools in optimum working condition. Whether you own in ground or above ground pools, swimming pools are perhaps your best retreat for a cool, refreshing experience. Hence, to safeguard your health while enjoying a relaxing dip, you must equip your pool with the necessary accessories. For instance, you must ensure that the heating, cleaning and lighting products you choose have the ability to meet the heavy demand of providing clean, germ-free water. Hayward pool accessories are specially designed for rigorous and consistent usage, while ensuring durability.

Popular Hayward Pool Accessories

Some must-have, affordable Hayward pool accessories include:

Pool pumps - Hayward offers a range of pool pumps for above and in ground pools. This includes:
* NorthStar
* TriStar Waterfall
* TriStar Energy Solution
* Super II
* Super pump
* Max-Flo

The company also offers a Booster Pump for cost-effective cleaning. All pumps are suited to function in salty environment and are protected to withstand harsh weather conditions. The pumps are specifically designed to optimize water output while reducing power consumption by 30 to 75 percent.

Pool filters - Hayward offers three varieties of filters, namely:

* Sand filters - These filters remove impurities as small as 20 - 40 microns. This requires manual operation, and the cleaning process must be followed every few weeks. The filter must be backwashed by running water in the reverse direction to unload waste.

* Cartridge filters - These trap wastes as small as 10-15 microns. Such filters have a greater surface area, thus allowing fewer clogs and simpler maintenance. They are designed to run at comparatively lower pressure, which applies lesser backpressure on the pool pump and provides a stronger water flow. These can be maintained by hosing once a season.

* DE or Diatomaceous Earth filters - DE sieves dirt particles as small as two to five microns. They are made of fossilized exoskeletons of minute diatoms. This filter must be backwashed and then 'recharged' with DE powder.

Pool Cleaners - Hayward pool cleaners are basically of three kinds, known as:

* Suction
* Pressure
* Robotic

All these cleaner types integrate the latest technology to provide effective cleaning quickly and effortlessly. These products are also quick to install and easy to maintain.

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