Hayward Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 03-24-2008 in Articles

Hayward, the brand name, has set an objective of making the pool experience hassle-free. The products available are pumps, heaters, filters, heat pumps, lighting and automatic swimming pool cleaners.

Hayward cleaners are recognized for its advanced clean-up performance and also the capability to maximize efficiency. The Hayward Phantom is designed to clear the bottom, walls and staircases and also absorbs float debris from the surface of the total region. Phantom's clear out process takes approximately 13 minutes for the bottom and sides whereas 7 minutes for the surface and the staircase. Phantom has a large capability to absorb large debris and cleans the entire area within the duration of 3 hours. The equipment holds a powerful sweep hose that chases dirt from tight corners, steps as well as edges. The Hayward Viper holds the widest vacuum nozzle, effective sweep hose and 6-quart large debris bag that assist in performing the work faster.

Viper's powerful sweep hose cleans the edges, steps, benches and also all the corners. The Hayward Viper is not restricted in absorbing large leaves to acorns, dirt, twigs, pebbles and more. The Pool Vac Ultra cleaner is well trained for all types of swimming bodies. It clears debris much faster compared to others. The equipments hold longer wearing components such as wings, flaps, shoes, etc. for better performance. The turbine or gearing system assures a balanced flow of water. The Hayward Phantom, The Hayward Viper and The Pool Vac Ultra are recognized branded cleaners for necessary hygiene and maintenance all over.

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