Hayward Pool Filters – Understand the Need of Pool Filters  

by Pool Builders on 02-29-2012 in Articles

Do you own a home with swimming pool? Are you facing trouble in maintaining it? Try Hayward pool filters and gain insights about taking care of pool filters.

Swimming pools offer myriad of benefits to users like relaxation, exercise and socialization, besides is also a source of stress and worry to the owner owing to its challenges associated with its maintenance of the pool. Swimming pools add aesthetics to your home backyard and beauty, but are also the best ways of de-stressing and cooling off after spending big tiring hours at school or office or even at home attending regular chores.

Owning a pool needs lots of dedication, responsibility and hard work due to remove and clean harmful pollutants that causes irritations, allergies and unwanted rashes. Apart from owning Hayward pool products, you must regularly change pool filters to ascertain water pollutants stay away from swimming pool.

One very significant challenge associated is the cost and time needed to upkeep pools properly and to do cleaning. Regular maintenance helps in keeping your pool in optimum shape throughout the year, regardless of the climate. One needs to change water, valves and cartridges in working condition so that the water balance is maintained.

Another challenge associated with pool is safety and having pool filters or Hayward pool products assists in keeping the grid elements of the pool filters safe. In case you are a neophyte pool owner, knowing basics of cleaning and maintaining your pool is a must. Hiring a cleaning company and getting the job done is one way or you can do it yourself following these steps:
€ Test water weekly and understand the alkalinity and PH level of the water. It is stabilized between 7 and 9. Ensure that it not too low or high as it encourages bacteria.
€ Skim off the debris and leaves using Hayward pool filters. Use vacuum and brush to clean pool walls and floor or use automatic pool cleaners to clean.
€ Use chlorine, copper and iron in right levels to keep the pool water clean from turning green. If chlorine content is high, it is harmful to eyes and skin, and when it is low; it ends up with bacteria and algae.
€ Give a shock regularly to your pool to kill algae growth.
€ Clean the filters sand by flushing water to the tool. If you do not know to clean, start reversing the water flow by checking with the manual for instructions. Replace the filter sand once in 3 to 5 years.

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