Hayward Pool Filters And Pumps - Quick Buyer's Guide  

by Pool Builders on 03-11-2012 in Articles

Regular cleaning of an outdoor swimming pool is a vital task. Electric cleaners are widespread for this purpose and all such cleaners contain a powerful pump fitted within that helps in circulating the pool water. There are several quality cleaners already in the market that use energy efficient pool pumps and Hayward is really a branded name within it.

Hayward pool pumps are known for being power efficient, while there are several other highlights which make Hayward pool pumps a great choice for household and also industry pool cleaning.

* There are many Hayward models like booster pumps desinged to use forty percent less electricity in cleaning a swimming pool compared to other pumps. These pumps improve the circulation and water propelling by using the right amount of energy.

* Hayward pool pumps don't make any sound while running. Hence, you don't have to endure a constant noise if it is switched on.

* A superb pump should always have features which will prevent it from overheating. In case there is this model, overheating is prevented since motor ventilation is provided as a feature. Moreover the tall lower model serves as a defense against flooding.

* The many models of Hayward come with plumbing fittings which make the installation of the machine simple and trouble-free. You will get hose barbs for installing additional components inside the existing pump.

* Cleansing the pump is also a breeze and you don't need to contact professional experts for cleaning it.

You can get a selection of water pumps form Hayward which might be designed to meet all of your requirements for pool cleaning. Many of the models of Hayward are given below.

NorthStar: This can be ideal for a medium-sized pool and has a corrosion-resistant coating upon it which prevents it from any kind of water damage. Its heavy duty motor can be used for extended usage so that you can use a NorthStar for as long as Ten years.

TriStar Waterfall: This is great for pumping large number of water particularly for waterfall put in place.

If you contact a good pool accessory vendor you may get all the models of Hayward Pool Pumps [http://haywardpoolpumps.org/]. Pool Supply At a discount is a quality good vendor of pool accessories. You can check out their official website to read about their products and buy online. You can also find client testimonials which will help them to evaluate their products correctly.

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