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by Pool Builders on 03-30-2009 in Articles

A swimming pool is never complete without state-of-the-art, energy efficient pumping solutions. Hayward has the answer for all your water requirements with its range of water pumps, having products like NorthStar, TriStar, TriStar Waterfall, TriStar Energy Solution, Super II, Super Pump, and Max-Flo. A Booster Pump is also offered as an economical cleaning solution.

NorthStar: A hydraulically engineered pump that is powerful enough to fill up a medium sized pool in a matter of minutes, NorthStar is a worthy addition to any swimming pool setup. The special features of NorthStar include,

The usage of far less power than other pumps of equivalent dimension (2" x 2 1/2").
The use of Perma-Coat, an exclusive corrosion-resistant enhancement on all parts. This makes the pump particularly suited for operations in salty air environments.
The heavy duty motor, which is supposed to withstand a minimum of 35,000 hours or 10 years of extended usage.

TriStar: The TriStar pump by Hayward provides great performance, superior energy efficiency and unmatched value for money. The features that deserve a look are,

A revolutionary motor-cooling design that greatly extends motor life.
An integrated Tri-Lock cam and ramp strainer cover with a large no-rib basket that extends the time between cleanings.
A body built to withstand desert winds and a variety of harsh environments.
An integrated fluid-dynamic technology that ensures superior flow of water.

TriStar Waterfall: The TriStar Waterfall is ideal for pumping of high volumes of water that is specifically suited for waterfall-like setups. The 75 GPM and 120 GPM models are both strong enough to fill a pool in minutes. The features worth mentioning are,

The use of superior technology that makes the pump run 60% quieter and with 60% less electricity.
The pumps are specifically designed for high-volume waterfall and negative-edge applications.

TriStar Energy Solution: This variable-speed, high-performance pump is designed to maximize water output while using significantly less power. When running at variable speeds, the pump is designed to cut power costs by 30% - 75%. The notable features of the pump include,

It uses less pressure when filtering water, which keeps the pump cool and makes it run quietly.
It has a super sized basket to hold debris while filtering water. The translucent cover of the basket makes it easy to see when it needs to be emptied.
It has the entire body built with corrosion-proof, reinforced thermoplastic. This provides greater durability and extends life of the pump.

Super II: The Super II pump by Hayward has been built to provide an energy-saving, high-performance pumping solution under the most demanding situations. The most noteworthy features of the model are,

Body built with corrosion-proof, reinforced thermoplastic. This extends the life of the unit.
Large sized, 180 cubic inch basket with see through cover that extends cleaning interval and lets you see when the basket needs to be emptied.

Super Pump: The Hayward Super Pump is a large capacity, technologically advanced pump that combines high performance with energy-efficiency. The most noticeable features of this product are,

Specially designed handle makes removing the strainer cover very easy.
The see through strainer cover lets you see when the basket needs emptying.
Heavy duty motor with airflow ventilation makes for quieter, cooler operation.

Max-Flo: This heavy duty pump is specially designed for in-ground pools and spas. The built in swing-away handle makes removing the lid of the basket very easy. The most noteworthy features of this model are,

See-through cover that lets you see when the basket needs to be emptied.
Load extended ribbing helps in free-flowing operation.
Servicing the unit is very easy, due to some simplistic design.

Booster Pump: Hayward also offers a booster pump that is a worthy addition to any pressure cleaning setup. The pump minimizes energy usage while maximizing water flow.

With all these advanced models and a lot more on offer, Hayward is undoubtedly one of the best brands out there that provides economically viable solutions for all your water pumping requirements.

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