Hayward Pool Pumps Save Power

by Pool Builders on 03-22-2008 in Articles

There are many factors you have to take into consideration when buying a swimming pool and one of these is the pump (because amazingly some people think that using a refurbished one is a solution!). There are swimming pools without any pump at all and if you have a little more money to invest, you can choose a model fitted with a model such as a Hayward pool pump. Because you do not have the chance of changing the water on a daily basis by band, a Hayward pool pump can do this for you in a couple of minutes. If the water in your swimming pool remains still and unmoved for many days, there is, a great risk that bacteria and algae will develop in it.

These bacteria can be very dangerous for the health of any person swimming and it is the job of the pump to stir the water and to change it frequently so that bacteria and algae will not have the opportunity to develop and multiply. You may have heard of cases when people report nasty rashes and allergic reactions after they have been in a swimming pool. All the doctors have told them the same diagnosis: the water was not clean and they have contracted a minor skin condition. If left untreated, these skin problems can develop into more serious health problems. This is where a pool pump will be worth every penny invested in it. Bacteria likes warm water that has been lying in sun for days. However, if you use a reliable one, you can change the pool's water once every few days and avoid such problems.

Swimming pool pumps can be very sensitive to dirt and impurities and if these accumulate in the pump, it can be clogged and it will break down. This is especially true for low quality pumps. A reliable pump is everything you need to maintain your swimming pool for many years. Pool pumps are made of solid, yet light materials to ensure that you can work it for many hours at a time. Hayward pool pumps use a cooling system to prevent them from overheating. Just like gasoline pumps in your car, pumps get cooled down with the water they push into your swimming pool. This makes them reliable and compact, as they do not require any additional cooling mechanisms. Hayward pool pumps have a good troubleshooting score: if you will ever need to repair it, it won't cost you a lot, and most probably it will stay with you for quite a while.

Depending on the size of your pool and the amount of water contained, there are many types and sizes of pumps from which you can choose. There are small, compact pumps suitable for fitment in small back yard pools and there are larger pumps that are suitable for very large, Olympic-like swimming pools.

You can buy the pumps from any specialized shop, as well as many online shops. They are very reliable mechanisms, came with a large period of warranty and the most important, the prices for the spare parts are very affordable, so you can keep your pump working for many years without having to change it. There are even pumps that can be mounted in-ground. There are also Hayward pool pumps that have several speeds, that can use a low power cycle to save power or a faster speed to shorten the time required to refill the water.

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