Hayward Pool Vac Ultra Automatic Pool Cleaner

by Pool Builders on 03-12-2009 in Articles

Hayward Pool Products, a division of Hayward Industries, Inc., has represented as America's first pick in residential swimming pool equipment for more than forty years. The company markets the Totally Hayward System of innovative pool equipment to help cover a lot of the challenges confronted by many pool owners such as safety, energy efficiency and maintenance time and costs.

Hayward set the standard for superior pool cleaners and today they are doing it once more with the Pool Vac Ultra. The automatic pool cleaner features new product enhancements such as, spacious, longer wearing wings, forty percent larger debris consumption, plus a two year warranty. The cleaner features there exclusive AquaPilot, programmed steering which controls the most effective vacuuming path for any shaped pool. Quiet, attractive and efficient, the Pool Vac Ultra will provide years of satisfactory performance.


-Longer wearing components for additional product longevity -Newly configured intake throat for vacuuming forty percent larger debris -Exclusive AquaPilot programmed steering approach pattern assures the total pool is cleaned promptly and completely -Unparalleled turbine/gearing system allows for constant balanced water flow ensuring quiet operation and gentle movement across the pool bottom -Wide side wings increase speed of pool coverage by ten percent -Sets up in less than ten minutes, without tools

Look out dirt and debris, here comes the Hayward Pool Vac Ultra automatic pool cleaner. They're configured to thoroughly clean your pool's floor and walls no matter the size and shape of your pool. The system easily connect to your pool's skimmer or dedicated suction port. No extra parts or hoses needed. They're easy to install and will be cleaning your pool in less than ten minutes from opening up the box. Hayward pool cleaners are designed with only one moving part, there for assuring you continuous performance year after year. And it's energy-efficient too! Now just relax poolside and enjoy your crystal clear pool with the automatic assistance of your pool cleaner. Hayward, has set an objective of making the pool experience hassle-free.

The system is available for in ground or above ground pools, and will come to you complete with all the necessary hoses, so that you will be able to put it to work immediate. But the most amazing thing about it is its cost. Affordability at its best. With Hayward Your Pool Is Clean. Every pool needs cleaning on a regular basis, not only for appearances and sanitation but to protect the investment you have made in your backyard.

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