Hayward Sand Filters - The Pro-Series S244T  

by Pool Builders on 07-15-2012 in Articles

Hayward are an established name in the sand filter world, so you know you are getting quality when you buy a product from them. With the advancement of technology comes a streamlining of the manufacturing process, which in turn passes the savings on to the customer and brings even more expensive filter models into the budget of the average householder.

Hayward fit the above description perfectly and supply a range of above-ground and in-ground filters for your swimming pool, spa or water feature. The Hayward Pro-Series S244T is one such sand filter that performs the job of maintaining your swimming pool cleanliness admirably.

What Makes Hayward Special?

The Pro-Series filter tanks are made from a robust polymeric material which can stand up to the harshest of elements. The rugged build quality continues inside where the pipe work is also made from rust proof material, which prevents any contamination of the water via mineralization. This maintains the water flow within the filter for longer periods between cleaning and therefore saves the customer money on replacement parts and new sand for the media beds.

A patented internal diffuser manages a blanket style precipitation of water on to the media beds improving the efficiency of backwashing and flow. This improves the processes of cleaning and draining, which makes the backwashing and winterizing elements of maintenance much less hassle.

The Pro-Series are equipped with a multi-port valve and visual pressure gauge for clear monitoring of the contaminant build up inside, which lets you know when the backwashing process is needed.

The Hayward models incorporate the Vari-Flo valve which utilises seven different settings as is the standard with most high end swimming pool filters. These include filter, backwash, rinse, recirculation, waste, winter and closed settings. The glass fronted gauge allows you to watch the backwashing process, so you can see when the cleaning has finished and you can switch back to filtering again.

It is thanks to the special diffuser and 360 degree slotted laterals that the S244T runs so efficiently. A balanced water flow enabled by the large diameter underdrain makes the cleaning cycles less frequent and quicker to perform.

In summary the Hayward Pro-Series S244T sand filter will perform the tasks you require to keep your swimming pool clean and free from pollutants for years to come. The extra expenditure will be recouped due to the efficiency of the unit, saving you money in the long run.

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