Health Benefits of Your Backyard Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-22-2012 in Articles

Backyard pools are so much fun and relaxing for families and friends. Many hours are spent splashing, playing, diving, lazing on an air mattress catching glorious rays with a refreshing drink in hand and even just congregating around the pool to socialize and enjoy the view of the water. Your backyard pool is fantastic when it comes to relaxing, socializing and enjoying. Now I know that you don't want to think of your pool as a place of work, but did you remember that daily workouts can be done in your swimming pool too? The pool is a great place to fit in your daily exercise plan right in your own yard, in your own pool and in the comforts of your home.

Swimming workouts are beneficial to your health in many ways. Swimming is a fantastic way to increase your cardiovascular health. Vigorous swimming can increase your heart rate causing you to get a comfortable aerobic workout into your day. It doesn't even take long! Twenty minutes is all it takes to have a healthy lifestyle! Vigorous swimming is even comparable to running as your have to use your entire body to swim. The water around you also provides a decent amount of resistance to your legs and arms giving you the opportunity to increase your muscle strength as well without the use of weights and heavy equipment. Water is much more gentle when it comes to increasing muscle strength, especially if you struggle with arthritis or osteoporosis within your body. Water provides enough resistance to gain the muscle strength you need if you are looking for a gentle way of "lifting weights". You also use muscles while swimming that you would not normally use otherwise. Let's not forget that swimming is a fantastic stress reliever. The water encompassing your body feels amazing, refreshing and invigorating! Did you know that you can also add swim jets to your pool via the pool pump motor? It provides a rush of water that gives enough force to push you while you swim up against it's current. Kinda of like a water treadmill!

Some excellent water workouts are available to experience. Any types of laps are a great way to start. There are so many types of strokes to try that will move all different muscles especially in your upper body. Try the butterfly stroke, breast stroke, back stroke and side stroke. These kids of strokes are not complicated so almost anyone can try them. Don't forget to switch them up for a full body workout! Also grab some swimming pool supplies like a cheap kick board to do a few laps with or water weights to add a little more resistance to your workout! Also just 5 minutes of treading water is an excellent and challenging way to increase your legs shape and tone. No cheating tho! Try longer than 5 minutes for a more challenging time! If you want to really get creative, hop online and you tube some water aerobic moves then pump up your favourite rocking music and give it a go yourself! If you're a little reserved, do it while no ones around;0)

Either way, water is a splendid way to get your body moving at a price that won't hurt your body long term. It's gentle on your bones, great cardiovascular workout, gentle resistance training and fun too! Don't just sit around your pool with a drink in hand while the kids swim, find a little time for yourself in there as well to get your body moving! Find ways to involve the kids too! Race them with laps or get them to be the aerobic instructor! Either way, your backyard pool is a fabulous tool to get you into fabulous shape this summer! Happy swimming!

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