Heat Pump: Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2011 in Articles

Whether or not you add a heat pump to your swimming pool is a personal choice but it has to be said that they are a very good choice as your pool most likely has a multitude of purposes. Swimming pools are not just about summer fun. Most people want to get as much use from their pool as possible whether that's just for fun or relaxation or an exercise regime. Whichever category you fall into if you live in an area where the weather can change quite easily or you simply do not like taking a dip in cold water then heated water is a must have for you.

Choosing which type of heater you would like to purchase will be largely dictated by your own personal needs. Your pool's design and of course your budget all have a part to play.

Solar panel heating can bring a pool's temperature up to about 80 degrees but the downside is that if there are a few days when the sun is not so warm the water temperature can drop and it will take a few days to come back up again. Most people using solar energy will use a solar pool cover in conjunction with the panels to help avoid too much heat loss. This type of heating system is okay to recreational swimmers.

A pool that is heated via the use of a heat pump is able to keep a constant temperature in excess of eighty degrees. This type of water heating system is a must for anyone that takes their swimming seriously. If you are someone that has a daily exercise program and wants to make use of the pool all year round then this is definitely the type of system you need.

Athletes or those that use swimming as a therapy would definitely gain from this type of heating system, a temperature that is eighty degrees and above is ideal for this kind of user. This is also the best choice if you have building regulations or you simply do not have the room for enough solar panels to heat your pool.

There is another type available and that is gas heating. This type of system is probably the most expensive which puts it out of most people's range. They are great if you want to bring the water temperature up quickly, maybe for a party or something like that. This type of heating is good if you have a vacation home and do not use the pool very often. A gas heater is normally quite large hence its running costs but they do bring the temperature up fast.

As mentioned above solar pool covers are very good at keeping heat in they also have the benefit of being able to top up your temperature by using a completely free energy source, the sun. They can be used in conjunction with a heat pump and help to maintain its temperature.

So, as you can quite clearly see a heat pump is one of the most practical and efficient ways in which to heat any size swimming pool.

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