Heat Pump: Swimming Pool Owners Must Haves

by Pool Builders on 03-06-2011 in Articles

Heat pump is one of the most important swimming pool equipment. It is an electrically powered device which works to aid pool water circulation for the pool's water filtering system. Heat pump propels pool water through the filter where dirt and other debris are trapped to ensure that only clean water goes through the filter and back to the swimming pool.

Indeed, the heat pump plays a vital role in keeping the pool clean and every owner is assured of a swimming pool water that's free of debris and contaminants. Having a private swimming pool in your own property can be considered a luxury. Although, many people would love to have their own swimming pool at home, the cost of maintenance involved for having one makes it impossible especially for the middle class family. However, pool builders would often say that everything isn't that complicated, tough or very costly. Initially, you may have to prepare an amount for building a pool but the maintenance should be affordable. That is if you know the proper way to care for your pool. All you need to have is the knowledge and understanding of the basics in pool maintenance as well as the supplies needed for the upkeep of your swimming pool.

There are pool chemical treatments that are vital to keep the water clean and crystal clear such as bromine and chlorine which works to sanitize the water killing harmful microorganisms that may cause diseases. Maintaining and adjusting PH and alkalinity level of the pool water regularly is of utmost importance, too. It is also important to inhibit the growth of algae so you must keep stock of algaecides for contaminant killing power and protection.

You should also add to your list of pool essentials the automatic cleaner. These are available in a wide variety of types and models. They are the underwater vacuum cleaners which efficiently cleans the walls and floor. So, you spend less time keeping your pool clean and the best part is no more backbreaking cleaning tasks for you to do. Automatic pool cleaners are one of the most popular supplies not only because they are very efficient but because it is beneficial in reducing the amount of labor needed to properly maintain a swimming pool.

A swimming pool cover is also one of the must haves. There are two different covers and acquiring them will depend on what part of the world you are situated.

  • Winter pool covers are designed and made to secure and protect the it during harsh weather like the winter months.
  • Solar pool covers prevent heat loss from the water. It is very energy efficient as it utilizes the sun's energy to raise the pool water's temperature without raising your energy bills.

You may also use an electric powered swimming pool heat pump or heater aside from the solar powered pool cover. There are also gas pool heaters that are powered by natural or propane gas.

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