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by Pool Builders on 01-19-2008 in Articles

There has never been a time when swimming pools have been more popular than they are right now. Celebrities set the example by insisting on homes with pools. Following suit, everyone with a home wants a pool of their own. The resurgence of pool popularity is a healthful trend. Swimming enhances cardiac function, helps control weight, and increases overall health. It also provides opportunities to relax with some good reading material and a floating lounge

When the temperature rises to intense highs, nothing feels better than a quick dip in the pool. However, did you know that you can feel just as refreshed during the cold and snowy months? If you install a heat pump for your pool, no matter the temperature outside, you can swim in comfortably warm water. How is this possible? A heat pump works on an equalization process, moving warmth to cooler areas.

A swimming pool heat pump usually pulls energy from the ambient air, but can also obtain warmth from a water source, such as a pond or lake. If you are determined to swim during the cold winter months, then you should consider installing this efficient type of heater for your pool. This investment can have you swimming comfortably in your pool for much of the winter. This can mean many more months of the year of happily swimming in your pool.

There are different types of heat pumps for swimming pools available in the shops. These devices efficiently warm the water in your swimming pool all year including the cold winter months. You will be happy to know that heat pump heaters for swimming pools are quite affordable to operate. Because thermal energy is merely being transferred rather than created it is much less expensive.

If your pool is not a built in, an above ground pool heat pump is also a great option. This will save energy and be easier on the environment than pool heaters which must create primary heat. In ground pool heaters come in many types, but vapor-compression refrigeration technology is especially reliable and efficient and will save money.

Thermal energy will move naturally from a warm area to a cool area. This physical law allows heat pumps to provide large amounts of warmth with very little energy input. Only small amounts of electricity are necessary to run the fan and compressor. Warmth from outdoor air (even in winter) is transferred to the refrigerant which is circulated to increase the temperature of the swimming pool water. Many units of thermal energy are moved to the pool for every unit of electrical energy required.

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