Heat Your Pool With Solar Energy

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2011 in Articles

Did you know that your swimming pool can be heated using the power of the sun? Yes, you can heat your pool with solar energy. The cost can be minimal if you do the work yourself. By using the proper material and instruction you can build your own solar collector. Building your own solar collector can increase length of your pool season by 1 to 2 months, depending on what part of the country you live in. Below I have listed different ways of how to heat your pool with solar energy.

  • Direct flow solar heater-The first type we will discuss uses your pool pump to circulate the hot water. This type of system will raise the temperature of your pool by 10 degrees or more. A series of tubes or piping is placed on your roof. It is all sized according to the volume of your pool. This is a do-it-yourself installation with included instructions. Can be installed on roof, ground, or a rack system. The system must be easy to drain for winter. There are no added electric cost or fuel bills to pay, strictly runs on solar energy with the use of your existing pool pump.
  • Solar pool heater with existing system-If you already have an existing pool heater, gas or heat pump type, then you can save money by installing a direct flow system. Incorporating the same system as mentioned above with a system of valves, you can save money on your energy cost to heat your pool.
  • Indirect flow solar heater-Some bigger systems or commercial pools may need to use added pump motors to help circulate the heater pool water. These systems use what are called auxiliary pumps to aid pumping the water into the collectors.

So how do all these systems work? Using solar collectors; which are made of special polypropylene, water is circulated through a series of tubes in these collectors. These collectors are made to withstand ultra violet rays of the sun and usually have a warranty of ten plus years. The sun's energy is used to heat the water in these tubes, and then is circulated back to the pool. Some systems can be made totally automated by controlling the water temperature using a special controller. Unlike solar hot water heating systems which are mounted inside of a collector box, and operate at higher temperatures, these pool heater systems operate between 85 to 100 degrees F. if you want to extend your swimming pool season then you may want to heat your pool with solar energy.

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