Heat Your Swimming Pool With Solar Power  

by Pool Builders on 01-18-2009 in Articles

Heat Your Swimming Pool With Solar Power

Swimming pools are a brilliant addition to any home. They add value to the property; provide a place for exercise, relaxation and enjoyment. The only main issue people have with owner a pool is the expense it brings. To heat a pool to a reasonable temperature through conventional means, requires money.

A brilliant solution to this problem is to heat your pool using solar power. An excellent cost-cutter which also benefits the environment, and has a positive effect on the world we live in.

The solar panels which are used to heat the pool use a method called 'Direct solar'. This does not turn the suns energy into electricity, but instead heats the pools water directly. Commonly the solar panels that heat your pool consist of a series of black tubes, which the pool water flows through. As the water flows through the tubes, it is heated up by the suns energy and re-enters the pool.

There are a few different ways which you can use to heat your pools water. You can build your own solar power system. This is an easy process which consists, of copper pipe, painted or colored black, which is incased in a glass topped box. You can also buy cheap plastic tubing, which is easy to set up and attach to your roof-top.

The plastic variety is a popular method as it can be easily removed in the winter months, or time periods when you will not be using the pool. Also if you live in a warm sunny area all year round, you can leave it up there all year-round as it is very durable. All you have to do, is run the plastic tubing from your pump, up to your roof where the solar panels are situated and connect them up.

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