Helping Your Kids Beat the Summertime Heat   

by Pool Builders on 07-27-2014 in Articles

For nine long months, your little ones looked forward to the eventual return of summer. Spending the bulk of their time in overcrowded classrooms and freezing their tails off all winter long only served to increase their anticipation. Now, after sitting through countless classes, choking down trays of subpar cafeteria food and trudging through mounds of snow just to reach the school bus, your kids have three solid months to enjoy themselves to the fullest. With the return of warm weather and extended daylight hours, your youngsters can't wait to make the most of their highly-anticipated vacation.

When contending with a seemingly endless winter, it's very easy to forget about all the dangers posed by extreme heat. Young children, in particular, are at a much higher risk of exhaustion and heatstroke than teenagers and adults. With this in mind, it's imperative that you take the appropriate measures to protect your little ones from the sweltering summertime heat. A little bit of caution can go a long way in keeping your kids safe from the ravages of heat exposure. Parents looking for effective ways to shield their children from extreme heat should utilize the following tips this summer.

Keep Them inside during the Sun's Peak Hours
Even if your little ones are dying to play outside, try to keep them indoors during the sun's peak hours - i.e., 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. During this period, the UV radiation emitted by the sun is far more prevalent than it is at other times of the day. If your kids absolutely insist on going outside during the aforementioned timeframe, make sure they're equipped with sunscreen - which should be reapplied every hour. With over one million new cases of skin cancer being diagnosed every year, the importance of regular sunscreen application cannot be overstated. Additionally, to ensure that the sun stays out of their eyes, each of your children should don a hat and pair of sunglasses whenever they venture outdoors. Lastly, to prevent exhaustion and dehydration, give each child his or her own water bottle.

Buy an Above-Ground Swimming Pool
Swimming is a popular summertime activity among children and adults. In addition to providing people with a vigorous workout, a dip in the pool is one of the most effective ways to find relief from the heat.

However, if you live in an area that's prone to frigid temperatures throughout the fall, winter and spring, an in-ground pool may not be a wise investment. Why spend upwards of $30,000 on something you can only use for three months out of the year? Fortunately, for a mere fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool, you can purchase an easy-to-assemble above-ground pool. Not only are these pools easy to put together, they're also much easier to clean and maintain than their in-ground counterparts. Furthermore, once fall rolls around, the typical above-ground pool can be effortlessly disassembled and stored in your garage, attic or basement.

Keep Your Home Cool
While being indoors may protect your little ones from sunburn, sun poisoning and skin cancer, they can still fall victim to exhaustion and heatstroke in an insufficiently-cooled home. To ensure that your central air conditioner remains in prime condition all summer long, enlist the aid of a reputable heating and cooling service. Whenever your AC becomes clogged, cools unevenly or needs a part replaced, a skilled repairman will be able to fix the problem in a timely fashion for an affordable price. Putting AC issues on the backburner is liable to lead to an improperly-cooled home, ultimately creating an unsafe living environment for your children.

No one loves summertime more than children. To them, the return of sunny skies and warm weather signifies a substantial respite from the drudgery of the school year. Protecting your youngsters from the dangers of extreme heat will enable them to enjoy their vacation in absolute safety.

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