Hidden Costs of Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 05-06-2009 in Articles

If you are considering the purchase of an above ground swimming pool you will certainly be concentrating on the cost of the pool itself more than any other expense. The cost of a pool can vary quite a bit depending on what you want for your property. A brand new pool in one of the larger sizes available will usually set you back at least a couple of thousand dollars once you have purchased the pool, filtering system, and the basic equipment required to get started. When you consider the long-term value of a swimming pool though, that really is not too bad. For comparisons sake, just renting a vacation house for one week can run you that much money.

If you are working on a particularly tight budget, there are some hidden costs involved that you should remember and take into account before you run low on funds. If your land is not completely level, you will need to either excavate the area yourself, or pay somebody to do the work for you. Depending on the amount of work involved, this could get quite expensive. You should definitely get several estimates for this type of work along with a guarantee if possible, if you are unable to complete this part of the project yourself.

Remember also that you must check for any local ordinances that might require you to install fencing around your property. Once again, this hidden cost can be considerable. This is another area where being able to do the work yourself or with the help of friends can save you a lot of money.

Getting a swimming pool for your property can be a great way to spend your money if you like to entertain or just like to swim. You should not let these extra expenses put you off of the idea of owning a swimming pool. You should however, be sure to take them into account before purchasing the pool itself.

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