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by Pool Builders on 05-16-2012 in Articles

Swimming pool maintenance is one of those tedious but necessary tasks associated with Arizona home ownership. Since it can be time consuming, many swimming pool owners contract out this job to an Arizona pool service.
Using an Arizona pool service and repair can save home owners a great deal of time and worry. Of course, this comes with a cost. Many people find that the cost is well-worth it.
If you're a new pool owner or you've never used an Arizona pool service before, you probably have questions. You may be able to find the right answers here. These are the six most frequently-asked questions when it comes to hiring an Arizona pool service:

I'd like to contract out my pool maintenance, but my budget is limited. Is there a way to get service on a budget? Definitely. Choose an Arizona pool service that offers an economy package.
This type of package will typically include a bi-weekly visit by a technician. The technician will check your skimmer and pump baskets. He/she will also test your chemical balance. This is a great way to get basic maintenance at a low cost.

2) I want to hire someone to do all of my maintenance work so I can just enjoy my pool. Is this kind of service available? Yes. You can find maintenance packages that cover just about every task necessary to keep your water healthy.
These Arizona pool service packages generally include a weekly visit by a technician. The technician will perform the basics, like inspecting and cleaning your skimmer and pump baskets. He/she will check your chemical balance (adding chemicals as needed).
Comprehensive packages also include things like brushing walls, skimming surface (or vacuuming) and testing equipment. Comprehensive packages may also include annual inspection of parts like the motor. This type of service covers virtually everything you need, so you never have to worry about it yourself.
3) Will my Arizona pool service package include the cost of chemicals? It depends on the one you select. If you prefer to have chemicals included, choose a package that provides cleaning plus chemicals for one price.
4) How often will I have to pay for my Arizona pool service? This depends on a couple of things, like the company and the package you choose. Generally speaking, those with an ongoing contract pay either monthly, quarterly or annually. Check with your provider for the particulars.
5) I'm not usually home during the daytime. How will I know if the technician has been by, and whether there are any issues that need to be addressed? Arizona pool service have their technicians leave behind a report stating that they visited and noting the things they checked. You can rest assured, though, that if any major issues are uncovered, your technician will let you know.
6) What if I need parts replaced? Some parts can be replaced by your Arizona pool service technician. When a tech recommends that a part be changed, he/she will likely contact you to ask how you want to proceed. Depending on your contract, the tech may be able to replace a part during a regular visit. Otherwise, he/she can request on your behalf that a repair person come out and make the fix.
Other, more complex parts may require a separate visit and possibly a different technician. Your regular tech will let you know what is required.
Certain repairs/replacements may be covered as part of your Arizona pool service contract. It all depends on your maintenance package. Otherwise, you'll have to pay extra for those parts on top of your regular fees.

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