Hiring a Pool Service Can Be Smart Move  

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2013 in Articles

Hiring a pool service to take care of maintenance and repair can be a smart move in homeownership. Many homeowners think they can save money by taking care of everything all by themselves. While this may be true if they have plenty of time and knowledge to get so many tasks done, it can be a big mistake if they don't. Neglected pools can turn into dismal swamps in your very own backyard. Hiring professionals to come to your house to take care of cleaning, chemical additives, and maintaining the equipment is a wise way of protecting your investment.


Regular cleaning must be done by your pool service professionals in order to keep the water sparkling clear. Cleaning includes draining, backwashing, skimming, and vacuuming. The water needs to be drained and refilled occasionally to keep it clear and properly balanced. Backwashing entails using a hose and filter system to remove dirt particles from your H2O. Skimming is performed with a long-handled wand-like device, and involves skimming floating objects and debris from the water's surface. Vacuuming can be performed manually or with an automatic device in order to keep the water crystal clear.

Chemical Additives

There are quite a few chemistry experiments that will need to be done by your pool service. Luckily, these pros are backyard scientists when it comes to your pool's water. They'll test your water on a regular basis to make certain that it contains the proper PH balance. Depending on the results of their routine tests, they'll add muriatic acid, chlorine, bromine, and/or oxidizers. These professionals are experienced and adept at keeping water pure, sediment free, yet still pleasant to swim in. Without their expertise, your water could easily go from pure to eye-stinging or swampy.


Your pool service professionals should be able to maintain and repair any of the components in your system. Your setup includes a filter, a motor, a pump, and skimmer baskets. Depending on your arrangement, you may also have water features such as fountains, aerators, and waterfalls. If your system is set up to swim at night, you might have underwater lights, as well. There are different types of filters such as those with cartridges, sand, or diatomaceous earth, also known as D.E. filters. Motors work the various automated components such as auto-vacuums and skimmers. Each of these systems needs to be regularly maintained in order to stay functional. If parts break down, you need a professional to repair them.

In order to protect your investment and enjoy swimming in your backyard oasis, consider hiring a pool service. These pros know how to maintain and repair every component of your system. On a regular basis, they can stop by to clean, add chemicals, and maintain your equipment so you'll be able to relax and take a dip whenever you feel like it.

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