History's Most Expensive Hotel  

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Last month, the cost of 4 billion pounds to build, with outdoor swimming pool, observation deck, casinos and other high-end luxury facilities, called today the world's most expensive hotel in Singapore Marina Bay Sands hotel guests officially opened its wide concern the top layer of air 55 Garden also unveiled. In addition to the guest list of Singapore in its urban landscape, but also dear to enjoy high-altitude SPA, better known as the world's largest high altitude in a dip pool.

This specially designed swimming pool, allowing swimmers to swim in the world experience the edge of the wonderful experience.

The most expensive hotel rates up to 350 pounds per night
In 2004, the Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace hotel opened, was estimated to cost two billion pounds, was once the world's most expensive hotels. Today, Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with its cost of 4 billion pounds to build an indoor canal, sky gardens, elegant works of art, casino, theater, Crystal Pavilion, lotus-shaped museum and a series of buildings and facilities, access to this title.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel by the architect Safdie designed according to the shape of playing cards, new and unique style. As the building complex, the whole project took 4 years. The opening ceremony, some reporters asked, Why did such a shape, Marina Bay explained that this entertainment city covers an area of vast, if contiguous, the same as in the beautiful coastal side put up a wall, isolated from the city and the sea, itself can not be more scenic. Now to do this design, but also fit the theme, functional allocation, it appears to form Smart, with the surrounding landscape into one, and the delightful new landmark achievement.

Marina Bay Sands Resort hotel has 2,560 rooms, up to 350 per night price. Including 250 luxurious guest rooms, a large commercial center, a conference building, two theaters, an ultra-modernist museum also has several restaurants and bars. Into the resort, shoppers can take a vessel under the traditional Chinese style of the 17th century to build a small wooden boat in a canal in indoor play. People naturally think of this design for the United States with investment of Venetian Las Vegas Sands.

In addition to ultra-luxurious facilities, the hotel also commissioned five world-renowned artists specially designed to integrate into the whole resort of art, to increase the hotel's gold content and artistic taste. Which, by Anthony Ghormley (Antony Gormley) created the most representative of the giant sculpture. The works of 40 meters long by 16 100 steel rod, with a total weight 14.8 tons, from 60 workers to install in a hotel. Chinese-American artists created serious guests "Air Forest" (Rising Forest) 83 3 meters from the basin-like structure and composition, which Zaiman the tree. As the basin is very large, solemn guests can only make a small building the size of a special kiln for firing the pot in it.

Amazing open-air platform

340 meters long hanging gardens

Marina Bay Sands Hotel up to 340 meters of open-air platform, enough to have three football fields, is located in the top three of the main building, as a single entity, the air 200 meters high, a large "air garden." Huge open-air platform can accommodate 3,900 visitors, there are 12,400 square meters above the green coverage, including 250 trees and 650 species of plants, truth in heaven.

Which extend out of the viewing platform at one end, is the world's largest public hanging ground. The hotel is opposite the Singapore's financial center, Guer the sky garden has become an aerial view of Singapore's charming landscape super good end result, as the Shanghai Shimao to the top.

You can choose a product in this food, 2 Sleeping wine, overlooking the Singapore, or a dip in the upper pool are unusual enjoyment. Admission fee is currently one of 20 new coins, including the swimming pool usage.

The largest pool in the history of air travel in the Edge of the World

This pool was built in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel 55-storey tower top, 150 meters, Olympic swimming pool is 3 times the length, height of 650 feet (198 meters), is the height of the world's largest outdoor under the swimming pool. Special design for swimming pool water look like extended to the marginal view, but in fact, the edge of the pool is designed under a few centimeters in the horizontal plane Department, overflow water will flow to a collection pool below, and then is pumped Back to the swimming pool. It has two sets of the circulatory system, the first set of the same features as traditional swimming pool, main pool filtration and heating the water, the second set of pool water filtration, and then return them to the top of the pool. It is said that inspiration comes from Bali, Indonesia, the rice terraces. The idea of this ladder-like design similar to Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the exclusive resort facilities such quite common. "Singapore's Marina Bay Sands will be the fulcrum of the development of tourism explosion." Gambling big Hengxieerdeng Adelson in the day, said the opening ceremony. He is the resort's parent company - Las Vegas Sands Chairman.

Outdoor swimming pool is just gorgeous boat "sky gardens" (Sky Park) One of the characteristics of the landscape. In addition, you can choose to enjoy the charming high-altitude SPA.

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