Holding An Above Ground Pool Party - Tips to Becoming a Legend!

by Pool Builders on 02-10-2011 in Articles

Make no mistake that when you buy an above ground pool, that your popularity will soar and you will make a lot of new friends in no time at all. Even your enemies may be become close friends.

A good pool party can become a thing of legend, as they appeal to kids and adults alike, and best of all they are pretty cheap if not free to put on. You will find that if you invite friends around for a party and have the barbeque set up then people will most likely (With a little prompting) bring around food to cook as well as chilled salads and even beer.

If you have just bought an above ground swimming pool then you can even invite your friends over to help you build it. Whilst you can build one yourself over the course of a weekend, you can build one in just a few short hours with five or six friends helping you. This then enables you to build the above ground swimming pool on a Saturday and then have everyone around for a party on the Sunday (Note the time it takes to fill the pool will vary dependent on your water pressure).

Simple tips to ensure your above ground swimming pool party goes well:

Always ensure you have enough barbeque coals, as with pool parties people will eat a lot of food and your barbeque could well be needed for six hours or more.

Always make sure you have enough food, it is better to have too much than too little.

Ensure you have plenty of beer and wine, but also soft drinks for those that have to drive back. Just remembering to keep an eye on things, as a swimming pool still has dangers particularly after a drink or too. Try and keep things in moderation and your above ground swimming pool party should go well and may even become one of "The" social events of the season.

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