Holiday Accommodation  

by Pool Builders on 05-11-2009 in Articles

When people set off to travels anywhere in the World, either on business or for pleasure, the majority of the, will want to be reassured that they have somewhere attractive to stay. The notable exceptions are the people who are visiting family or friends abroad and that worry is taken from their list. There are also young people who are on a trekking holiday, who either go camping or stay in inexpensive hostels along the way. These hostels are where a travel agent has never set foot, and recommendations are by bush telegraph, or in recent years through the internet. It is suffice to say that some of them are good, and others are less good. These hostels are not what you would describe as "normal family accommodation" and cater for a very specific audience.

People who have a budget to find some decent holiday accommodation are usually looking for different things. Business people come at all levels and their budgets for holidays stays can vary considerably depending how high up the corporate ladder they are. The common denominator among them all is that the holiday hotel should be clean, modern and if possible centrally placed. After that basic criteria has been met, the next step is how high are the level of facilities that the holiday can offer for the business traveler. These days wireless internet is a must so that the lonely traveler can be linked up to their family, their business, their favorite online casino or video game portal in varying levels of priority, so that they can pass their lonely hours in their holidays room if they wish. For those who want to wander out a little the holidays should have good restaurant and bars where the business person can meet up with friends, colleagues and clients for a good meal and a chat. And if we are talking relative luxury, most modern holidays s orientated towards business people have a heated indoor swimming pool, a sauna and a health center so that their guest have an early morning swim, a work out and even a massage before facing the coming days trials and tribulations.

People coming on holiday, especially those people booking all inclusive holidays want certain common factors in their holiday as well as a variety of facilities that a business orientated holidays wouldn't offer. The first criteria are that the rooms be clean and modern, and that it has a television, radio and telephone. Hair dryer would be nice but not compulsory. After the rooms have been checked out and found satisfactory, the next step is the restaurants. Tourists who go for all inclusive holidays like to know that the holidays dining facilities are all they should be, and that they can enjoy a well cooked and tasty meal in pleasant surroundings. Normally all inclusive holidays will include your meals and all local drinks

People who come on holiday with young children are looking to keep them amused and for as long as possible. Proximity to the beach, if there is one nearby is always top of the list. Next to that is that the holiday should have an outdoor swimming pool, which is always a hot favorite. The last and probably most important feature in an all inclusive holiday that they will be looking for is entertainment, and plenty of it. They will want to be amused and entertained as well as knowing that their children are being entertained also. And not necessarily at the same place. Whilst it is important that children have a good time, their parents have worked hard all year so that they can have their two weeks in the sun. The least they are entitled to is to have some alone to relax knowing that their children are being entertained and looked after. Good family holidays will know this and will have made sure that it is being provided.

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