Holiday Compensation Claims Rise as Brits Killed in Swimming Pool Accidents  

by Pool Builders on 01-18-2010 in Articles

Tourists are aware that swimming pools can be unsafe locations. Children are taught water safety qualifications before they are left to swim alone. Most people can list drowning or slippery floors as likely hazards of a swimming pool. However there are many hidden risks about the pool which can lead to grave, even fatal, wounds. Holidaymakers should read this list, uncovering 5 little known poolside risks before pulling on their swimming trunks and diving in the deep end.

1) Not enough water in the pool.
If the nearest you get to water is swinging your feet over the edge, this won't be a high risk for you But to individuals who use diving boards, or jump into the pool, this is a dangerous risk. Low water levels, common in the summer heat, can lead to a serious collision between the diver and the bottom of the swimming pool. This can cause concussion, coma, even death. Ensure that the holiday resort you are staying in carries out scheduled checks on the amount of water in the pool, and knows how the weather conditions can affect their equipment

2) Obstructions on the pool side
Many bathers like to leave personal belongings on the edge of the pool whilst they swim a few lengths. Yet these physical objects are often quite little and neutral in colour such as reading glasses or watches. Passers-by frequently trip-up on these items, causing a severe fall. Whilst the intent of the bather was un-malicious, the effects of such a fall can be damaging.

3) Mixing Inebriants and Water
Many people don't realise that the rule of avoiding alcohol near water doesn't just apply to them. There have been many news reports about levels of aggressiveness amongst drunken tourists in holiday resorts. Regrettably, many binge drinkers try to relax in hotel pools. Their hostile behaviour can lead to fights and injuries, so always get hold of a lifeguard, or pool manager if someone is getting out of control.

4) Germs in the water
UK leisure centres are known for their 'chlorine' odor. This is a healthy sign, as the chemical substance reduces the spread of bugs. Many pools abroad do not chemically treat their water to the same extent as UK leisure centre. This can result in outbreaks of bugs and illnesses in holiday resorts, particularly in summer time when the breeding of germs is rapid.

5) Sun Burn!
Sun lotion is not just for the beach, the sunlight shines just as brightly even by the hotel pool! Make sure that any exposed skin is covered, after 10 minutes in the sunlight or protected with a UV sun cream, to ensure your impromptu pool session doesn't wreck your holiday

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