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by Pool Builders on 09-19-2009 in Articles

Every pool owner should know that there are risks accompanying having a pool in their backyard. Pools are common venues for accidents such as drowning or slipping. In addition, kids, especially toddlers, are prone to these kinds of unfortunate events. Therefore, owning a pool comes with great responsibilities. One of it is ensuring safety.

There are many ways to achieve home pool safety. If you want to make sure a safer place for your family, take these tips and apply them:

1. There should be a child resistant barrier between the pool and your home. This could be a removable fence with proper locking mechanisms. The size of the fence and the gaps in between them should have small openings that even a small child could not breach.

2. You can install alarms on doors or windows leading to the pool. It may be a bell or any kind of the device that will sound when it is opened. This can surely catch your attention.

3. Never allow kids near the pool or swim in it without adult supervision. Any adult should keep an eye on them especially when they are near the water. Always make floatation devices available, even if the kid knows how to swim.

4. Do not allow kids to run around the pool. Remember when the flooring is wet; it can make the flooring prone to accidents like slipping.

5. Adults within the area should learn basic life support or resuscitation techniques in case of drowning. One more thing, if the child is missing, look into the pool first thing.

6. Do not leave toys near the pool or even floating on the water. This will just drive your kids to go near the pool to retrieve their toy.

Just remember, no matter what barriers you put, nothing beats keeping a close eye to your kids. It sure does make sense to always be on guard for your kid's safety.

Things mentioned above are just one aspect of pool safety. Of course, you also want to make sure that the waters will be safe for swimming. Here are some guidelines in keeping it that way:

1. Make sure the water is properly treated with chemicals. Proper shocking of the pool may be required occasionally. When you shock the pool, make sure to put a sign so that no one swims on it.

2. Remove dirt and leaves floating in the pool. This may cause the development of microorganisms and algae. They can also get stuck in your filter system. And when they build up, your filter may become clogged and eventually lead to murky waters.

3. Use pool covers to preserve the pool water. This can also be an added barrier for your kids in case they accidentally reach the pool area.

4. Have your pools maintained all the times, especially the filtration and draining system. You want to be able to swim in a clean pool at all times. You also want your kids to wade on clean waters and not a breeding ground for microbes.

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