Home Security Measures For Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 04-07-2010 in Articles

During the summer months, there's nothing quite as satisfying as being able to take a nice dip in your very own pool. After all, it beats having to drive all the way to the nearest public pool, let alone the crowded beach. The peace and quiet of a pool at home, whether it's above ground or something more complicated, definitely makes the summer months pass by quickly and happily.

But when it comes to taking care of your swimming pool, aside from the chemical levels staying right and keeping it clean, there are a few other concerns to keep in mind. And a lot of them ultimately go back to home security. Because while a swimming pool is definitely a fun and refreshing place to hang out, it can also be potentially dangerous, especially in the case of unsupervised young children or the intoxicated. So being sure that you take the right kind of steps to keep people away from bodies of water when they shouldn't be by them alone can save you a lot of grief and any potentially devastating summer occurrences.

First and foremost, you might want to consider investing in a swimming pool cover, and in other states, there are even laws that you need a home alarm system just for your swimming pool! There are alarms to choose from that actually go off once waves of movement are detected in the pool, meaning that if a child or animal falls in unsupervised, the alarm will sound. And this allows for a faster response than an unarmed pool, where a child might accidentally trip in unheard.

Of course, a swimming pool cover is also an important step towards better home security. If the pool is covered, it is a lot more difficult for a child to actually fall into the water, considering that swimming pool covers can reasonably support the weight of a child. This is the same for small dogs and cats as well. With a cover, you can rest assured that it is much more difficult for any living creature to unwittingly stumble into the pool. And in case there are neighborhood hoodlums who might want to take a dip in your pool at night, a cover makes it a lot tougher to get in.

Other swimming pool alarms focus on different methods for alerting people as to whether or not someone is in the water. The ones that only sense movement and water displacement on the surface are more prone to false alarms, so if you live around a lot of wind and random wild animals, you might not want to go through with that sort of alarm. Other alarms can be worn by children as wristbands, so that if they happen to fall into the pool, the alarm will sound. But the trouble with this is that if your child takes off the wrist alarm, there will be no warning noise in case of an emergency. So it might be more beneficial for personal and home security purposes to depend on an alarm that is reliable and pays attention to more than just movement on the surface of the water.

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