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Swimming Pool Safety

Pool Safety should always be a top concern for pool owners. It only takes minutes to drown and yes it can happen to you. There are some basic rules that should be common sense. Here are some quick facts about drowning:

  • The majority of deaths and injuries in pools and spas involve children ages 1-2 and occur in residential settings.
  • Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death to children ages 1-4
  • Drownings occur when there is a short lapse in adult supervision
  • Little children drown quickly and silently

Never leave a child unattended around any body of water. This includes pools,spas and bath tubs. The best way to avoid a water tragedy is to teach your children to swim.

Water Safety Tips

There are other precautions that should be taken to have the best safety plan in place:

  • All children should know basic water safety skills
  • Have a phone close by at all times when you are close to any body of water.
  • If a child goes missing make sure to check pool areas first!
  • If you own a pool make sure that you have a four foot fence around the entire perimeter.
  • Use self closing gates that latch in place.
  • Make sure that pool covers are in good working order

Bathtub Safety

Always have adult supervision when your children are in the bathtub
Never leave a young child in the care of another young sibling

Pool Alarms

Your security system can be utilized in more ways than preventing burglaries. Your home security system can also be used to monitor a variety of events in and around your home. If your home security systems is wireless you can easily add a door contact on pool gates that can be programmed to alert you when they are opened. With today's smart security systems you can even be alerted to these events when you are away. If you want to integrate your pool alarm with your home security then you must make sure that the pool alarm has a set of external contacts to tie into your home security system.

Stand Alone Pool Safety Alarms

You can easily install a stand alone pool alarm that will automatically sense when there is motion in the pool. These units typically have a remote alarm so you can be alerted to an event outside while you are inside your house.

Some of the typical features of these alarms are:

  • Remote Alarm
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Sleep Mode
  • Alarm Sounds if the unit is removed incorrectly

Swimming has always been synonymous with fun and good times. Don't let your swim outing to turn to tragedy by succumbing to complacency around your pool.

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