Homeowners' Insurance - So You Now Have A Pool? Here's How To Save Yourself Heartaches

by Pool Builders on 05-02-2008 in Articles

The last thing on your mind when installing a new pool is that an uninvited child gets drowned in it. While this may seem an extreme case, it's a likely situation unless you take definite steps. And did you know that you could be sued if such happens (Yes, even they used your pool without your permission)? Here are precautions that will save you a lot pain...

1. Make sure your new pool has a fence round it. If you do this right, it will be extremely difficult for anyone to use it without your permission.

2. Make sure no one who has taken alcoholic beverages uses your pool.

3. Make sure your kids do NOT use your pool unless yourself or any other responsible adult is there to supervise them.

And, don't leave them in the pool if you want to "quickly" get something from the living room. Make sure they all step out of the pool and leave to a very safe area before you get out of sight. Yes, this may spoil the fun but it will make an accident less likely.

4. Make sure your pool is always checked for possible hazards. Take urgent action once you find any.

5. Never swim if you are not feeling very okay. Also don't swim if you're tired.

6. Check with your local authorities for other precautions and make sure you obey them as if your life depends on it.

Now while taking these precautions, you'll also need to ensure your pool is well covered by your homeowners' insurance policy. Most insurers will have your pool covered up to 10% of the amount your home is insured. Others may pay up to 20%. But is this amount okay? If it isn't, discuss with your agent about getting more coverage.

Furthermore, you must also ensure you have good liability coverage. No, it's certainly NOT advisable to have just $100,000 as your liability coverage limit. Make it at least up to $300K. You can even do insure yourself against all liability claims by taking an umbrella policy. You can easily get up to $1 million coverage for less than $300.

With the addition of a swimming pool, your home insurance premium is bound to change. The change might be mild or drastic depending on your insurer's position. Therefore, make sure you do thorough comparison shopping: Get and compare quotes from many other insurers.

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