Hospitable Hotels Near Shah Welcome Travellers to Their Abode  

by Pool Builders on 02-19-2013 in Articles

Following the tracks of adventurous trail blazers or enjoying the fruits of sophisticated city hospitality in the "Arabian Manhattan" - by which exotic sobriquet Abu Dhabi is sometimes known - is a matter of personal choice and individual preference.

If you opt for a more unique staying experience in Hospitable Hotels Near Shah, far away from the glitter and glamour of modern urban sophistication, and in proximity to the largest contiguous desert in the world, you will get the exciting opportunity to explore the large areas of lag gravel plains with 'seif' (sword) dunes marching across them. In the eastern margins of the vast desert there are 'sabkhas' - dry-crusted, lithium-rich brine-mud lakes - thousands of such ancient dried lakes exist between the huge 150 kilometres long 'irq' dunes.

Hotels Near Shah which, like the contiguous desert, offer you a contiguous blue print for luxurious facilities, be it in the Modern Gym with free weights and machines, Turkish Sauna, Jacuzzi and Steam Room, 2 separate swimming pools for adults and children or plethora of floodlit tennis courts or volleyball court or the multitude of accommodation options, qualitatively and quantitatively are great!

There are 3 recently renovated Villas for Rent in Abu Dhabi [http://www.almarfapearlhotels.com/liwa/rooms-and-suites] which allow you a modicum of privacy, to enjoy by yourself or choose to spend time entertaining and fraternising with friends. Or family, as the case may be. With a huge swimming pool and a total pool area of 574 sq metres, private balconies overlooking the pools and three bedrooms and three bathrooms, with the lavishly done up master bedroom having an equally elegant and spacious en-suite washroom with bath tub and separate shower, the concept of luxury gets re-defined here.

With self-catering kitchens and pool side BBQ areas beckoning to families or groups that are longing for a cozy relaxing stay with complete privacy, you can choose to do some family, friendly bonding or build up bonhomie with friends in enjoyable Barbeque dinners!

With a separate and spacious living room. 1 Dining room for 8 persons, fully equipped Kitchen, Free WiFi Internet, 40 TV channels, 3 modern LCD TVs and Complimentary Tea/Coffee facilities, Villas for Rent in Abu Dhabi are an extremely judicious proposition.

While availing of this uber- luxurious accommodation, you can partake of the complete adventurous, exciting desert experience, in case you are so inclined and experience the variety of Desert safaris and exciting Desert sports, from your haven of comfort. Or you can indulge in one of the holistic health and wellness programs, taking advantage of their elaborate regimen for mind, body and skin wellness and health. Following any of the 5 Detoxification Packages of Abyangam, Swedanam, Vasthi, Virechna or Nasyam - all purifying, purging, revitalizing, you acquire a new lease for life!

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