Hosting the Perfect Pool Party - For Kids

by Pool Builders on 10-23-2013 in Articles

The weather is heating up fast, and with what promises to be a scorching summer just around the corner, there is no better time to have a pool party. Not only a great birthday party idea, a pool party is a very popular end of year celebratory event for kids, teens, and adults alike.

How to throw a successful party for kids around your backyard swimming pool? With some of the usual, essential party supplies (disposable plates, cups, napkins etc), and following the simple tips below, everyone will have a blast!

SAFETY is of paramount importance at all times, but especially when children and swimming pools come together. Be realistic about the number of children you can safely accommodate in your pool and their ages. Younger children should have parents attend. Find out the swimming ability of each guest; make sure they bring any necessary flotation devices for themselves and if not able to swim at least basically well, have their parent stay and be responsible for them during the party.

Always have at least one adult who can swim located by the pool's edge and closely supervising the pool and everyone in it. All pool owners (and parents!) should have at least a basic knowledge of CPR.

Be really clear about the pool rules and don't be backwards in enforcing them!

SUN PROTECTION always be prepared to supply lots of very high protection sunscreen. Ask kids to bring a hat and rash shirt - and make sure they are worn!

*Insect repellent is good to have on hand if your pool party is being held in the late afternoon or into the evening.

ACTIVITIES most kids will be happy to simply play in the water, but it's not a bad idea to have some pool games up your sleeve. Have plenty of beach balls, pool noodles, kick boards, and other blow up pool toys to be shared. Diving rings are also a great idea for a pool game. Small kids will enjoy a rubber duckie race - across the pool pushed by noses! Also provide some poolside fun for non-swimmers, or kids who simply don't want to be in the water. Badminton or jump rope are easy ideas.

MUSIC if possible, set up some speakers outside to provide some background tunes for the party.

FOOD & DRINK Have water to drink on hand and in plentiful amounts. Provide only light snacks initially. It's best to have the real food at a pool party after the kids have worn themselves out swimming and are ready for a break. Remember to have them wait 30 minutes after eating before they get back in - a good time to open gifts, or have a DVD for them to watch after eating. Have some adult snacks for attending parents.

Pool parties can be themed just like any other party; party supplies are available to suit all kinds of watery themes, including The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, or perhaps a Hawaiian theme.

Ask each guest to bring their own swimmers, rash shirt, towel, sun hat and sunscreen, water safety devices if required, goggles if wanted, and a change of clothes and underwear.

You're all set! Enjoy the party!

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