Hot Tub Safety In Comparison With Swimming Pool Safety

by Pool Builders on 05-31-2011 in Articles

In theory a hot tub is one of the safest things that you can buy for your garden, certainly when you compare it to the dangers that you can have with a swimming pool.

With a swimming pool you have a surface around the outside of the pool that is slippery when it gets wet (And it will get wet - trust me on that!), and this means that there is the danger of people falling in to the pool, or falling hard on the pool surround. With a spa this danger is pretty much eliminated.

With a hot tub, sure you will get some water splashed around the edges of the tub, but not in the same quantity as with a pool.

Also the only way to make a swimming pool truly secure is to put a lockable fence around it, but this can look unsightly. You can put a cover over the pool but it does not stop people stepping on it or crawling under it. Where as with a hot tub, you can buy a lockable cover that is made of hard plastic.

These hot tub covers can take the weight of a human being standing on them, and when they are locked nobody can get inside the tub, so it eliminates any danger of your little ones getting inside the tub.

Another danger that can be eliminated is the use of real glasses around your hot tub. Real glasses if dropped into the tub, or accidentally knocked into it often cannot be seen on the floor of the tub. Clearly this can result in broken glass and cut feet. If this happens you will almost certainly have to empty the tub to ensure all of the broken glass is removed.

So keep things safe and only ever use unbreakable plastic glasses, which float, for use in or near your hot spa.

The biggest danger to life when it comes to your tub and water, is not the risk of drowning, as most are very shallow allowing people to stand up in them, even toddlers, it is electricity.

It is all too easy to place your stereo alongside your spa but is also very easy for it to get knocked into the tub, resulting in almost certain electrocution, so never ever put anything electrical near your tub. If you do have to, then ensure it is connected via an RCD to stop possible electrocution.

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